Sunday, December 21, 2008

CAO Mx2 Revisited

So today is Sunday, it's about 32 degrees outside and snowing. It's been snowing for the last four days here off and on, which is kind of weird because it usually doesn't snow this much. Right now there's 7 inches of snow out on my deck railing. I thought it would get a bit warmer today and stop snowing, but no dice. In fact, I spent about an hour or so shoveling snow off my driveway only to have all my hard work be covered with another couple of inches of white fluffy snow. Jeez...
OK, so I pulled that other CAO Mx2 that I had out of my humidor and grabbed a large bottle of St.Pauli Girl beer out of the frig. I usually smoke out on the deck, but seeing how there is a ton of snow out there, I thought it best to smoke out in the cold garage tonight. It's not freezing, but my hands sure are cold. My thoughts on the cigar have not changed - excellent smoke! For a bad boy Maduro wrapper, this is one pleasant and tasty cigar, goes great with the beer as well. I'm not able to open the garage doors and let it air out in here, so I'm sure my lovely wife will mention something about the nasty smell tomorrow. Oh well, the price I pay I guess. Anyway, I'd probably never buy one of these cigars just looking at the wrapper, it looks too strong for my taste, but all in all this is a really great cigar, no doubt about it, don't let the wrapper fool you, it's not as kick-ass as you might think. Would I go out of my way to buy one of these in the future? You bet!
Rating 9

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real

This is another from the Dominican cigar sampler box that I bought over at Costco. Costco sells cigars? Yes indeed, they're selling them on the Eastside now and I know that they've got a display in the Seattle store. Just a note, there's no reason to stop going to your favorite tobacconist, this is just something new in town and it's worth mentioning. Back to the Romeo y Julieta. I liked it! Very nice cigar. Smooth, tasty, excellent draw, great smoke overall. Would I actually go out of my way to buy one of these? YES! It's was a very enjoyable smoke and a great way to end the week.
Rating: 8.8
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I was at Costco the other day and noticed that they had something new at my store: CIGARS!!
Wow, that's kind of neat. They only had a few things to choose from, but I decided to pickup a Dominican cigar sampler ($35). Well tonight I tried out the Montecristo. I've smoked my fair share of Monte's and some I like and some are "meh". This one turned out to be somewhere between meh and OK, probably closer to OK. Started off good, but really didn't cut it towards the end. Luckily I had a stiff drink to offset what I didn't like. Would I go out of my way to buy this particular variety? Nah... However if you want to send me one, I'll be more than happy to give it a free evaluation.
Rating: 7
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flor de Filipinas

OK, this may not be the best cigar in the world,, but it's clearly not the worst. A gal I know gave me a box of these when she returned from the Philippines - nice gal! I know how much these cost so I can honestly say that for the money, these are not bad. There's no bite, although they're not exactly smooth. The flavor is not what you'd expect in a Latin cigar, but then again it is not something that you would want to put out once you lite it up. It kind of grows on you. It's not bad enough to throw away, but not good enough to go out of your way to find them. Kind of like certain foods, you'll eat it, but you'd never actually order it at a restaurant. Overall, if someone gives you one of these, don't turn it down, you might think that it's not half bad.
Rating: 6
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Sunday, November 2, 2008


OK, another Sunday and it is time to kick back and enjoy a cold beer and a fine cigar. Tonight I'm smoking a CAO mx2. I pulled this one out of my humidor and thought that this one was going to kick my butt, especially since I haven't had dinner yet. The wrapper is a black Maduro in color and it's packed kind of tight, but boy was I surprised when I lit this up - smooth as silk, no bite, volumes of smoke, my kind of Sunday. I just assumed that since this cigar has such a dark wrapper that I'd have to take it slow or grab something to munch on, but no way, this is an EXCELLENT smoke. Luckily I have one additional in my humidor to enjoy on another occasion.
If you're curious, I'm drinking a 24oz can of Kirin Ichiban beer. Haven't tried this brand before, but it's not bad, goes good with my CAO, that's for sure!
Rating: 9

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gispert Belicoso

After a very busy day today, I thought I would kick back and have a nice cold beer and a fine cigar. Tonight I'm smoking a Gispert Belicoso. I've smoked this variety a few times before, so I'm pretty familiar with what the outcome will be. It's a decent smoke, nothing spectacular, but if you're looking for a mild cigar that's fairly smooth, I think you'll like this one. It burns well and there's no bite, at least none that I've noticed. The price is somewhat reasonable as well, this one just happened to be a "freebie". Oh yes, the beer in the photo is a tall can of Sapporo 22oz., imported from Japan. Unfortunately the beer didn't last as long as the cigar did, so I had to bring out the good stuff...
Rating: 7.9
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Olor Cigars

This was another one of those "free" cigars that came when you ordered a box of premium cigars. I smoked this one the other night and I didn't really think that it was anything special, but free is free, so in all actuality the price was right. Would I buy this cigar? No, never. Definitely not my taste - not smooth enough probably, a little bite as well.
Rating: 5

Friday, October 10, 2008

Nat Sherman Omerta

My lovely wife bought me a box (6 cigars) of these cigars for Father's Day. She somehow bought them behind my back while we were at the cigar shop. I must have been talking to someone because I didn't have a clue that she got them. I was glad she did though, they turned out to be a pretty good cigar! Turns out that the owner of the store helped her select this variety - he knows what I like, but he wanted me to try something different. Glad I did and I might just get them again.
Rating: 8.7

Oliva Serie G Churchill


After a very busy Sunday, I've finally found a few minutes to kick back and enjoy a cold beer and one of my favorite cigars - Oliva Serie G. The one I'm smoking tonight is a Churchill and it is excellent! I just received a box of these from the Famous Smoke Shop. The last two varieties of Olivas that I ordered came 25 to a box, plus they gave me six Oliva Sampler cigars as well - Nice, very nice. I'm not trying to plug the Famous Smoke Shop, but JR Cigars doesn't stock theses babes. FYI - I sent an email to JR asking them why they don't and they actually answered me back saying that they used to, but not anymore. They said that they'd look into stocking them again in the near future if the demand was there. Believe me, I'm sure it will be.
Okay, so back to the Churchill - This is an hour cigar easily. From the time you lite it up, until the time it's burning your finger tips because you've smoked it all the way down to the numb, it's a fantastic smoke. I might add that this cigar is perfectly suited for my taste. It kind of reminds me of a Cuban cigar, becuase the taste is superior. It draws easy and it's not as tightly packed as some cigars, plus the amount of smoke that billows out speaks volumes - just the way I like it - clouds of smoke. Happy Times indeed!
In case you're wondering, the beer tonight is a Dos Equis XX Amber. It's a perfect match for this cigar - of course I just finished an excellent baked salmon, red potatoes and salad dinner. UGH - ate too much, but I really enjoy a cigar on a full stomach.
Rating: 10. You won't find a finer cigar sold in the States.

Gispert Toro

A glass of cold beer, some salami and cheese, listening to a Tango CD and smoking this very nice Gispert Toro cigar. La dolce vita, no?
After smoking a crappy Cohiba the day before, this Gispert was a welcome change. All the characteristics that I like in a cigar. Perfectly packed, smooth on the tongue, mild to full bodied, well maybe a little bit mild, but still an excellent cigar, especially for the price.
Rating: 8.5

Macanudo 1968

Not too long ago I went to a Cigar Tasting down at my local cigar shop and they were featuring Macanudo cigars. They had a wide assortment to choose from, so I chose three different sizes of the 1968 blend. Nice looking cigar, somewhat oily wrapper, good feel, good ring size, not too tightly packed, good first impression. I lit the first one up after dinner one night with a glass of cachaça to accompany it. Hey, not bad! Smooth, tasty, full flavored cigar. I really enjoyed it. Now, would I pick this cigar over an Oliva? I don't think so, but it was a very good smoke indeed. The price wasn't too bad as well. Can't wait to smoke the other two that I have.
Rating: 8

Cohiba Coronas Especiales

While waiting for a flight out of Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo, Uruguay, I stopped by the Duty Free shop and picked up a five pack of Cohiba Coronas Especiales (Cuba). The price was expensive, but not too far out of line. I told myself that I would enjoy these back in Brazil while finishing up my vacation. Anyway, a few days go by and after dinner one night I lite one of these up - UGH! Not a good start. There was a bite, plus the cigar is packed so tight that it's hard to draw any smoke out of the dang thing. Jeez! I hope this gets better? Unfortunately it didn't. This was probably the tightest packed cigar I've smoked. I tried a couple of tricks to open it up a little, but no luck. What a waste. So then I start to think that this was maybe just a reject and that the other 4 that I had would be superior smokes. NO DICE... I smoked 4 out of 5 of them and they were all identical, crappy, which leads me to believe that either these were all rejects or maybe this was how they were supposed to taste and draw. So if you like a cigar that is extremely difficult to draw any smoke out of and one that taste like crap, this must have been made for you. Of course, that's just my personal opinion, I'm no expert.
The 5th cigar I left in a cigar box at the house in Brazil. Maybe when I go back in a year or so I'll smoke it then. We'll see...
Rating: 2

Perfection in Buenos Aires

So I was in this little Mall just a block off of Avenida Florida in Buenos Aires and I spotted this very petite cigar store, very small shop indeed, but I was curious so I decided to check it out. They didn't have the biggest selection, but they did have some pretty nice Cohiba cigars. The one that I could not stop looking at was a Cohiba Pyramid Edicion Limitada 2005. I looked around a bit more, but came right back to the Limitada. So I asked the guy "how much?" When he told me the price I told him "NO WAY!" I could buy five of them in the States for that
price (I have my connections). Anyway, since my lovely wife had already spent a considerable amount of money on clothing, I decided that I could have a little fun too. I bought it! Later that day while strolling down Avenida Florida I lit up my prize cigar. I can only say one thing - PERFECTION. Yah, this was one of the best cigars I've ever smoked. I've had many Cuban Cohiba cigars before, but this is one that I will look for again. Smooth as silk the whole ride. It's possible that the steak that I ate in the Argentine steak house (El Establo) might have influenced the taste of this cigar, but I doubt it, this was truly a fine cigar.
Rating: 10

After doing a little research I've discovered that this cigar was a FAKE! Cohiba didn't make an EL in 2005, plus I took a closer look at the Cohiba label and determined that it was indeed a counterfeit. Next time I'll pay closer attention to the details. Surprisingly this was a mighty fine counterfeit. I'm going to stop by this little cigar shop again the next time I'm in BA. Watch for more updates!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

CAO Brazilia Maduro

Sitting here enjoying this fine cigar was a true treat tonight. I also decided to break out the Brazilian Cachaça, something that I picked up on my last trip south at the Duty Free store at the airport in São Paulo. I kind of assumed that this cigar would be a kick-ass cigar since it's a maduro and the wrapper is practically black in color, but it actually turned out to be quite pleasant. It started off pretty smooth, lots of flavor and finished up just the same - very nice smoke to finish off my Sunday night.
I'm going to give this a rating of 8. Would I buy one of these again? Maybe, but there are a few other varieties of CAO that I go out of my way to find before this one.
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Sunday, July 27, 2008


This Padron was given to me - my boss every now and then will buy me cigars for doing something out of the ordinary. Anyway, I smoked this cigar accompanied by a 24 oz bottle of Beck's beer. Both the cigar and beer were outstanding. I worked hard today (physically) and I've been looking forward to enjoying this moment all day. I like the way this cigar is put together - not packed too tight, slightly oily wrapper, great feel in my hand, plus the taste is exceptional - somewhat full bodied, but mellow at the same time. I like it most of all because there was no bite.
I'd have to rate this a strong 9.
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