Friday, October 10, 2008

Oliva Serie G Churchill


After a very busy Sunday, I've finally found a few minutes to kick back and enjoy a cold beer and one of my favorite cigars - Oliva Serie G. The one I'm smoking tonight is a Churchill and it is excellent! I just received a box of these from the Famous Smoke Shop. The last two varieties of Olivas that I ordered came 25 to a box, plus they gave me six Oliva Sampler cigars as well - Nice, very nice. I'm not trying to plug the Famous Smoke Shop, but JR Cigars doesn't stock theses babes. FYI - I sent an email to JR asking them why they don't and they actually answered me back saying that they used to, but not anymore. They said that they'd look into stocking them again in the near future if the demand was there. Believe me, I'm sure it will be.
Okay, so back to the Churchill - This is an hour cigar easily. From the time you lite it up, until the time it's burning your finger tips because you've smoked it all the way down to the numb, it's a fantastic smoke. I might add that this cigar is perfectly suited for my taste. It kind of reminds me of a Cuban cigar, becuase the taste is superior. It draws easy and it's not as tightly packed as some cigars, plus the amount of smoke that billows out speaks volumes - just the way I like it - clouds of smoke. Happy Times indeed!
In case you're wondering, the beer tonight is a Dos Equis XX Amber. It's a perfect match for this cigar - of course I just finished an excellent baked salmon, red potatoes and salad dinner. UGH - ate too much, but I really enjoy a cigar on a full stomach.
Rating: 10. You won't find a finer cigar sold in the States.


Ozymandius said...

Oliva is my favorite cigar brand also. I much prefer the Serie O good reviews and good job...

Hef said...

Many thanks for the comments!