Friday, October 10, 2008

Perfection in Buenos Aires

So I was in this little Mall just a block off of Avenida Florida in Buenos Aires and I spotted this very petite cigar store, very small shop indeed, but I was curious so I decided to check it out. They didn't have the biggest selection, but they did have some pretty nice Cohiba cigars. The one that I could not stop looking at was a Cohiba Pyramid Edicion Limitada 2005. I looked around a bit more, but came right back to the Limitada. So I asked the guy "how much?" When he told me the price I told him "NO WAY!" I could buy five of them in the States for that
price (I have my connections). Anyway, since my lovely wife had already spent a considerable amount of money on clothing, I decided that I could have a little fun too. I bought it! Later that day while strolling down Avenida Florida I lit up my prize cigar. I can only say one thing - PERFECTION. Yah, this was one of the best cigars I've ever smoked. I've had many Cuban Cohiba cigars before, but this is one that I will look for again. Smooth as silk the whole ride. It's possible that the steak that I ate in the Argentine steak house (El Establo) might have influenced the taste of this cigar, but I doubt it, this was truly a fine cigar.
Rating: 10

After doing a little research I've discovered that this cigar was a FAKE! Cohiba didn't make an EL in 2005, plus I took a closer look at the Cohiba label and determined that it was indeed a counterfeit. Next time I'll pay closer attention to the details. Surprisingly this was a mighty fine counterfeit. I'm going to stop by this little cigar shop again the next time I'm in BA. Watch for more updates!


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