Sunday, November 2, 2008


OK, another Sunday and it is time to kick back and enjoy a cold beer and a fine cigar. Tonight I'm smoking a CAO mx2. I pulled this one out of my humidor and thought that this one was going to kick my butt, especially since I haven't had dinner yet. The wrapper is a black Maduro in color and it's packed kind of tight, but boy was I surprised when I lit this up - smooth as silk, no bite, volumes of smoke, my kind of Sunday. I just assumed that since this cigar has such a dark wrapper that I'd have to take it slow or grab something to munch on, but no way, this is an EXCELLENT smoke. Luckily I have one additional in my humidor to enjoy on another occasion.
If you're curious, I'm drinking a 24oz can of Kirin Ichiban beer. Haven't tried this brand before, but it's not bad, goes good with my CAO, that's for sure!
Rating: 9

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