Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rocky Patel Sun Grown

After what seems like months of crappy weather, today was absolutely beautiful, crystal clear blue sky and it actually felt warm for a change. What a difference a little nice weather makes on your whole outlook on life. I got a ton of stuff done in the yard and had time to wash and wax the FX35. (Mama's car, she's happy now)
So I picked up a bottle of Baltika 3 (Russian beer) and decided that I'd smoke this Rocky Patel tonight. When I first lit it up, it had kind of a bite to it, not the best taste in my mouth, but now after having smoked it for the last 30 minutes, it has really turned out to be a GREAT smoke. It's a little stronger than what I'm used to, but extremely tasty. The smoke just billows out, not like some cigars that you draw in and no smoke comes out. I've smoked many Rocky Patels before, but this is turning out to be one of my new favorites. I don't know if the beer influences how the cigar will turn out, but this particular selection has paired quite nicely with what I'm smoking tonight. So, if you can find a bottle of Baltika and a Rocky Patel Sun Grown cigar, I think you'll be in for a nice treat. The perfect way to end the weekend.
My rating: 9.1

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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Great cigar.... I really don't need to say too much more than that. If you've smoked these before you know that these are probably one of the smoothest cigars on the market. Incredibly tasty, no bite, good from start to finish, well worth your hard earned money. Today is Sunday and I'm enjoying one of these with a glass of single malt Scotch - no finer way to end the week. Unfortunately this is the last Trinidad in my humidor, so I'm thinking that I should probably order a few for a rainy day, which is quite common in this part of the country.
My rating: 9

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Romeo y Julieta Vintage

Had time for another cigar tonight, so opened a 24 oz. bottle of Becks and lit up my RJ Vintage cigar. OOOoooooh brother, is this a nice cigar or what! I'm starting to think that I should order a box of these - this is almost better than the Cohiba I just smoked! It's actually smoother, but very, very tasty. Heck, I'm quite surprised with how this is turning out. Now that I think of it, this was one of the cigars that I bought from Costco in their sampler box. Not bad! Would I buy a box of these? I think I just might. Stay tuned....
Just looked outside and it's snowing again. Amazing, it hardly ever snows here. I'm seriously thinking of moving to someplace warmer, especially since I'm out in the semi-cold garage right now. In the meantime I think I might pick up a space heater for garage or for the deck, just depends on whether I want gas or electric. We'll see...
My rating tonight: 9.0

Update - I finished this posting before I actually finished the cigar and I'm changing my rating for this one to a rating of 8.0. Towards the end the cigar it's flavor changed considerably, that smooth taste went bye-bye and I was left with a somewhat acidic taste in my mouth. Oh well, it was pretty good while it lasted.

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Cohiba (Republica Dominicana)

I was over at Redmond Town Center the other day and just happen to stop by the cigar /wine store that's located on the back side of the Mall. I walked in and greeted the person behind the counter, then I proceeded to the humidor. I immediately picked up this Cohiba, which I just happen to be smoking right now, but I also picked up a Rocky Patel, which I'll save for another night.

First, let me say this about my Cohiba - I wasn't wearing my reading glasses when I picked up the cigar, so I thought the price was only $8.75, and of course I wasn't really paying attention at the check out counter so I didn't notice that the price was actually $18.75. When I got home and looked at the receipt I said to myself "WTF??" That'll teach me for not bringing my glasses with me.
OK, so was this cigar worth the price? Maybe... It was truly a GREAT cigar, smooth, tasty, mild, not a hint of a bite, just pure smoking pleasure, really, really a good smoke, but Holy Cow, that was expensive. You'd think I was smoking a Cuban for that price! And I have smoked many a Cuban Cohibas, so I kind of know the cost ratio. Anyway, I'd have to say that Cohibas are right up at the top of my list as far as perfection goes, but you sure tend to pay for it. Would I buy one of these again? Heck yes! But of course I'll save them for special occassions. It's a fine cigar indeed...
Rating: 9.9