Sunday, January 4, 2009

Romeo y Julieta Vintage

Had time for another cigar tonight, so opened a 24 oz. bottle of Becks and lit up my RJ Vintage cigar. OOOoooooh brother, is this a nice cigar or what! I'm starting to think that I should order a box of these - this is almost better than the Cohiba I just smoked! It's actually smoother, but very, very tasty. Heck, I'm quite surprised with how this is turning out. Now that I think of it, this was one of the cigars that I bought from Costco in their sampler box. Not bad! Would I buy a box of these? I think I just might. Stay tuned....
Just looked outside and it's snowing again. Amazing, it hardly ever snows here. I'm seriously thinking of moving to someplace warmer, especially since I'm out in the semi-cold garage right now. In the meantime I think I might pick up a space heater for garage or for the deck, just depends on whether I want gas or electric. We'll see...
My rating tonight: 9.0

Update - I finished this posting before I actually finished the cigar and I'm changing my rating for this one to a rating of 8.0. Towards the end the cigar it's flavor changed considerably, that smooth taste went bye-bye and I was left with a somewhat acidic taste in my mouth. Oh well, it was pretty good while it lasted.

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