Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cohiba Churchill

Ah, the end of another fine week, time to sit back, relax and enjoy this Oliva Serie G cigar with an ice cold bottle of Negra Modelo beer. I think I deserve it - I did my taxes today. It wasn't too terribly bad. In fact I did my son's taxes as well.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the Cohiba that I smoked last night - Yesterday was a beautiful sunny warm day, hardly any breeze, just way out of the ordinary for this time of year (February), so my lovely wife and I thought that it might be a perfect evening to drive up to the new Snoqualmie Casino. From our place to the Casino it's about 20-25 minute drive, pretty close really. There are a bunch of Casinos in the area, but this new one is the closest to home.  As we get off the freeway and follow the signs to the Casino, you notice how organized and well planned out this complex is, there's really no way to miss this place even if you try. As we drive up, the exterior of the place is beautiful, big rustic looking, everything wood, set in the middle of an Evergreen forest, just really an eye catcher. So we drive up to the front door where they have the valet parking and I give the guy the keys, we head inside. After checking our coat, we decide to register for a Club Card - it basically keeps track of how much you're spending (loosing) and it will assign you points, which can be used later for food and other entertainment. So we first decide to try out the food. After waiting in line for about 15 minutes, I finally get to order my food. This place is busy! We would have gone to the buffet, but the line for that was about 45 minutes. Sheesh! I had the Reuben and my better half had a hamburger, both were excellent, plus the price was very good. After eating a ton of food we head out to the slots. Ah, there it is, the Poker machine. My wife sits down and immediately wins $20. WOW! That was cool, great way to start and evening. So we continue with a variety of different slots and we stay ahead of the game. Now is a good time to take a break and check out the Cigar Lounge. It's called the Lit Cigar Lounge and it's quite nice. They've got an excellent bar with a great selection of Single Malt Scotchs, plus just about everything else you can imagine. I walked into the humidor and chose the Cohiba Churchill. These are kind of spendy for my taste, $18, but I wanted to splurge a little. I paid for the cigar and the gal at the counter  proceeds to cut it for me, then she takes out her torch and gives it a quick little blast of flame, then hands it to me for the final lighting. The Misses and I sat at the bar and I ordered my favorite rum - Pyrat. My wife had an espresso. As we were sitting there I noticed how tightly this cigar is packed, that's not something I really like. Sure, it'll burn great, but I like to exhale volumes of smoke. For some reason I find that the tighter a cigar is packed, the less smoke you're going to be blowing out. This isn't always the case, but you can pretty much count on it most of the time. So what do I think of this cigar? It's good, very good, a little strong for my taste, but no bite, smooth and tasty. I enjoyed the cigar a lot. We met a few other aficionados, which was easy to do since the place was packed, but there's always good conversations between cigar people. I finished my cigar and we decided to play a few more slots. Wow, what a mistake. We lost everything we had made in about 5 minutes. Time to go home now. I stopped by the valet window, gave them my ticket and the car was there in less than five minutes. Boy, that was impressive! For the amount of people in that Casino I thought it would have taken forever. Nice, very nice. I think I'll do this again.

My Rating: 8

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