Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ein deutsches Bier und eine große Zigarren

It must be Sunday? Time to rest and enjoy a fine German beer and one of my favorite cigars. Tonight I'm smoking an Oliva Serie G, of course, and drinking this excellent German Beer - Warsteiner Premium Verum. The little market that's close to home has a selection of beer that you wouldn't believe. Every week I try to pick up a couple of bottles that I've never tried before. I must say that I have yet to experience a bad German beer - they're all superb and I look forward to trying every variety that I can find!
Not much new to report this week other than the fact that it snowed 4" on Thursday morning. What's up with this place! Sheesh! Luckily it was the kind of snow that you can drive on. I dropped my lovely wife off at work (she'd have to take the bus back home) and then drove into town - no worries. By the end of the day all the snow had melted - thank God I didn't take the bus to work!
Boy, this is a good cigar. I love these! With a cold beer like this, there's nothing finer. You can not go wrong buying a box of Olivas - they are in my opinion, one of the best cigars on the market. (feel free to quote me)
I've got to cut this review short - I decided to smoke this cigar before dinner tonight and the roast that I'm cooking just finished. Best give my rating and scoot out of here!
Rating: 10

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Ozymandius said...

Oliva cigars "....some of th ebest cigars..." I totally agree with you. Also I really enjoy reading your reviews, much better than hearing someone constantly say "creamy" when describing cigars you do a much better job