Sunday, March 29, 2009

Padron Series

No time for a cigar tonight, but I've got a minute to tell you about the Padron that I smoked last night. First, my son, my wife and I, spent the afternoon up at the Seattle Premium Outlet Mall, which just happens to be on the Tulalip Indian Reservation, which also just happens to be next to the Tulalip Casino. We were going to stop by the Casino and do a little gaming after the Mall, but we ran out of time - my son had to get back to town to take care of some business. So after we had been home for a while my lovely wife says that we should go up to the Snoqualmie Casino for the buffet, especially since we had a 2-for-1 coupon. Heck, I'm not one to argue with that logic, so we get ready and depart for the Casino just after 7 PM. The weather yesterday was absolutely the worst - rain, more rain and on the way up to the Casino, SNOW, it was mixed rain and snow, but nonetheless it was snowing. JEEZ! Isn't it Springtime? So we pull up to the front of the Casino and the valet takes care of the car for us - by far the best valet service in the State. We go inside and head straight to the buffet, oh-oh, there's a line, a BIG line. What the heck, it's 2-for-1 so we decide to wait it out. 35 minutes later we're finally at our table. So anyway, the buffet wasn't all that great, but they did have a couple of things that were really good, the Alaskan King crab legs and the prime rib, both were excellent, I think I must have ate $25 worth of crab, easily! Strange when we finished and walked out of the restaurant - NO LINES! So now we're totally stuffed and ready to gamble, another interesting item was that the Casino had also mailed us a $10 coupon to gamble with, so I cashed in the coupon and we head to the slots. Amazingly enough with the $10 that the Casino gave us, we gambled for 2 hours. Not bad! Anyway, we had enough of the slots so we head to the Lit Cigar Lounge. I immediately go into the humidor and check out all they have to offer, which really isn't a lot, but it's good enough for guys like me. I pick out a Padron Series Maduro cigar. The gentleman behind the counter gives the cigar the usual preparation, cuts it with his guillotine, then gives the other end a little touch of fire, he hands it to me and I put the cigar to my lips, he lights it up and I puff away till it's fully lit. OOOoooooh boy, this is a good one. One thing that you may not know is that you can't smoke inside a public place (restaurant, bar, etc..) in Washington State, however at the Indian Casinos it's perfectly legal - kind of a weird law if you ask me. I head over to the bar and order a glass of Pyrat Rum, and a cappuccino for my wife. The lounge is packed, but we luck-out and get a table just as someone else was leaving. Time to sit back enjoy the rum, good conversation and oh yes, evaluate this fine cigar. I like Padrons and this one that I chose really looked good, the Maduro wrapper was just a little oily to the touch and the feel of the cigar was just a little soft, not too tightly packed. This is what I would call a medium to full bodied cigar - I got a little buzz off it, or was it the rum? Anyway, I took my time smoking it because I didn't want to get too much of a buzz and also because my wife would probably prohibit me from smoking cigars if I were to get sick. That would be a bad thing indeed. My wife actually smoked a little of it as well and thought it was pretty good. Good call Honey. I really liked it too. We finish up in the lounge, head to the front and the valet brings us the car. Oh look, it stopped snowing. Sweet! We had a really good time and the Padron was the icing on the cake.
My rating: 8.8
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