Monday, April 6, 2009

Omar Ortez Originals

I've had this cigar sitting in my humidor for awhile now and can't really remember why I bought it in the first place, I'm sure someone must have recommended it or something. Just looking at the wrapper I can pretty much tell that this is going to be a cigar with a PUNCH. The wrapper is unevenly dark in color and is speckled with little dark spots, you know the type of cigar I'm talking about, full-bodied, the kind that will make your head spin. I chose this cigar because we were on our way out to an Irish Pub and I knew that I'd have a big dinner and probably a few drinks. Well I was right, big dinner indeed and a couple pints of Paddy's finest ale. So after dinner we head back to Kirkland and stop by the Tobacco Patch so I can evaluate this cigar. First off, it's got a rustic kind of look and feel to it, not smooth at all, you can actually feel those dark spots on the wrapper. Also, the smell of the wrapper I didn't like as well, I couldn't quite place the smell though; ammonia? So I lite it up - Ugh! Somehow I knew there would be a bite. I puff away to get it fully lit. Yeah, this is pretty strong and it's taste is nothing to write home about. I know there are people that must love these, but not me. I smoke it about halfway down and my lovely wife says that she's ready to go, usually I would complain that we just arrived, but not tonight. Yep, I rarely do this, but tonight I threw this one out. It wasn't worth my time.
Rating: 2

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