Saturday, April 4, 2009

Padilla Miami Torpedo

Finally the sun has come out! Sometimes the weather up here is so miserable, in fact statistically speaking we have around 226 days a year of cloudy skies, not necessarily rainy days, but cloudy weather, which can really piss you off after awhile! We just love to complain about it - so why don't we move someplace nice and sunny? Surprisingly, most people that I know that have moved away, have moved back! No kidding! I'll ask them something like "why did you move back from sunny California?," and they'll say "We missed it here". Excuse me? There's something about the Pacific Northwest that draws you back, that's a fact.
So last night I opened up the humidor and chose a Padilla Miami, it just happened to be on the top row and since I had a pretty big dinner I thought this cigar would top off the evening. My lovely wife and I headed downtown, stopped by Starbucks first, then proceeded over to the Tobacco Patch to meet up with the gang. Probably eight cigar aficionados out in front when we arrived smoking a variety of different cigars. You can always count on someone being there to strike up a conversation with, good group of people. So I pull out my cigar and lite it up, by the way these are not wrapped in cellophane. First impression, a little strong for my taste, but I've got my Starbucks Mocha should I need it. You know one of the cigar reps once told me that if you start to get a little light-headed when you're smoking a cigar, eat sugar! He explained the logic behind it, but I've long forgotten why this works. So the cigar's wrapper is a little dark, somewhat oily, not too much, and it's got a semi-soft feel to it, not as soft as an Oliva, but not as packed as the Magna I smoked a couple of weeks ago. It felt good in my hand and it delivered on the taste department. No bite, but just a tad stronger than I like. This cigar proved to be a good one, but I don't think I would have smoked this without a full stomach and something to drink while I smoked it. Overall I liked it. Now would I go out and buy a box? Well, maybe... There are times when I would love to smoke one of these, but in general it's not going to be one that I'll remember. Unfortunately. . .
My rating: 8

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