Sunday, April 26, 2009

Villiger 1888

I stopped by the Tobacco Patch on Friday night, they were having a "Cigar Tasting" - Villiger 1888 Cigars. The Rep had a few open boxes on the countertop displaying all the different sizes, so I checked them out. Villiger cigars are good looking cigars.

I picked out 3 different sizes and they gave me one for free. I’m a sucker for anything that looks like a good deal. Speaking of good deals, I got one of these for free the week before when the store first got them in, my tobacco-man pulled out a sampler box from behind the counter and gave me one to try.

So here it is Sunday night and I’ve had an opportunity to try 3 different sizes of the 1888 cigar line over the course of the week. Honestly, I liked them all. The first one I tried the weekend before and I was really impressed with how nice a smoke it was. Friday night at the tasting I smoked my second one and again an excellent smoke - perfect burn, smooth tasting, wrapped almost to perfection (if you take a close look at the top photo, you’ll see a little peeling away of the wrapper towards the top, still burned perfectly though), and today while I was down at the Kirkland Marina (Hi Mark) I smoked this Robusto. I’m really happy with this line, excellent mild to medium cigar, definitely not too strong of a cigar for my taste, and taste it has! I like to compare cigars sometimes and I'd have to rate this almost on the same scale as a Cohiba, so of course you can see how much I liked it, plus it's considerably cheaper in price. Yes!

Are cigars getting better these days? Sure seems like it, or maybe I'm just getting lucky in what I pick out.

My Rating: 9.8

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