Sunday, May 10, 2009


I've picked out a 777, Triple Siete, Jesus Fuego, for tonight. I've come prepared though, I've got a glass of Cachaça and a 22 oz. can of Sapporo beer, plus my single malt, just in case. So to start I take a nice swig of my sugar cane liquor and a big gulp of beer. I'm ready...
Looking at the 777, it has a dark rough wrapper and it appears to be packed fairly tight. It feels comfortable in my hand, but I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those kick-ass maduros. I lite it up. First few puffs - nice, mountains of smoke, full bodied silky smooth taste, not quite what I expected. I thought that I'd have a nasty taste right off the bat, but no, this is very pleasant. It's possible that I've paired the perfect refreshments to go along with this cigar. I'm really enjoying it!
This was a pretty busy weekend for me, I had to work on Saturday, plus I went down to the Tobacco Patch on Friday and Saturday nights; met a few new guys down there from out of town - great conversations and some fine cigars.
Half way through the cigar it's holding up well, a little stronger, maybe not quite as much smoke as before, but I'm still enjoying it. I've finished the Cachaça, so I've poured myself a very short shot of my single malt. My beer is gone.
We're in the process of painting our upper and lower decks at our house. We finished the lower deck last weekend, but this weekend I had to sand the upper deck and also pressure wash it, which meant that I needed to pressure wash the patio underneath - big job, but I guess it's all worth it in the end. What makes mama happy, makes me happy.
Just had to re-lite the cigar, no big deal, it happens.
Coming into the final stages of the 777, still a good smoke, but it's starting to get a little stronger and the burn appears to be a little uneven now. The volumes of smoke have diminished a bit, but it's still enjoyable. I'm glad I had a BIG dinner before I started this endeavour, otherwise I think my head would be spinning.
Final thoughts - it's not bad! It really started off great, the full bodied smooth taste was really an eye opener for me. I thought for sure I would have put this out long ago, but it has maintained it's appeal. It got a tad stronger towards the end, but it still was just smooth enough to keep me satisfied to smoke it to the nub. Not a bad way to end the week. I think I might buy a few more of these...
My rating: 8.7

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