Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oliva Serie V

Rain City Cigars in Georgetown had an Oliva Cigar Event on Friday.
(sorry Ozymandius, this is where I was when you sent me the IM)
They had a few Event specials, one being if you bought 3 cigars they would give you one for free, since Oliva is my favorite cigar brand I couldn't pass it up. I took my 4 different cigars back to the office and showed them off to a fellow aficionado that I work with. He was impressed.
Now it's Saturday night and my lovely wife and I first stopped by Acropolis Pizza for a grinder and beer, best in town I might add, then over to Cafe Ladro for a Mocha and dessert. We would finish up at the Tobacco Patch. I brought along with me the Oliva Serie V cigar.
I first have to tell you that today was the nicest day of the year so far - temp in the mid 70’s and beautiful blue sky. Perfect day for just about anything, except being inside! Tonight it’s still quite
warm with very little breeze. There are a few new faces here at the Patch, but most of the regulars are here as well. I pull out my Oliva and say “hi” to the gang. Everyone is in a good mood, plus it’s looks like everyone must have been out in the sun today - they look
healthy! I look around to see what everyone else is smoking and I show them my Serie V cigar. A couple of the guys have tried this one before and both say that I'll love it. OK, let’s see...
Olivas are excellent cigars, beautiful wrapper, eye-catching label and packed somewhat soft, you’ll know what I mean if you feel the wrapper. This Serie V is no exception, really a good looking cigar. So I guillotine cut the end off and get one of my pals with a torch to help me lite it
up. First impression - OOOOOOooooh boy, oh boy, oh boy! This is going to be a really good smoke. Hard to describe, but it’s a medium bodied cigar that is so smooth, so tasty, that you’re going to want to savor every minute of it, and I did! I noticed that it burned a little uneven at first, but after an inch or so of ash it was back on track again. I can’t say enough good about this cigar, it will definitely be on my top 10 list. If you like Olivas, I encourage you to give this Serie V a try, you won’t be disappointed. It's a little stronger than the Serie G, but not enough to complain.
Might not have time to do a review next week, we’ll be in Mexico. However, if I’m sitting on the beach with my laptop, smoking a Cuban cigar, it is entirely possible, we’ll see...
My rating tonight: 9.8


backrub? said...

Hey I was there also, though didn't make it till 5:15. Brought home 9 Oliva's :) Looking forward to lunch here at work. A co-worker and me plan to have a lunch time cigar on the deck.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Nice job on the Olivas! After smoking this Serie V, I wish I would have bought a box of them. Have fun with the "lunch-time cigar"!