Sunday, May 3, 2009

Siglo Limited Reserve

Another Sunday and it's time to kick back, put my feet up and enjoy a fine cigar. I'm out on the back deck for a change, the weather today is quite reasonable. I've brought out a bottle of Schwarzbier, German Black Lager beer and a Siglo Limited Reserve cigar. Right off I’ve got to tell you that I liked the beer better than I liked the cigar. I’m not a big fan of dark beers, but this one was extremely good. In fact, had I not paired this beer with the Siglo, I’m sure I would have rated the cigar much lower.
The Siglo is a Medium to Full-bodied cigar, only about 4 1/4 inches long, packed fairly tight and has somewhat of a dark wrapper, not a maduro, but dark enough. Strangely enough the cigar does not feel comfortable in my hand, a tad too small I guess. So I take a big gulp of beer (delicious) and lite-up the mini cigar. Yeah, kind of what I thought, a bit of a bite. Not a nasty taste in my mouth, but not that silky smooth taste of a fine cigar, like an Oliva. I continue to smoke it and it improves slightly. The cigar burns well and has a fairly good draw to it, but it’s starting to make my head spin. I thought it might be the beer, but it’s not. I go into the kitchen and get some salami, cheese and crackers. Speaking of cheese, if you ever see cheese - BUY IT! It’s the best cheese you’ll ever eat, goes great with everything. It’s kind of expensive, but what good cheese isn’t?
So I munch on my cheese and crackers, drink this excellent German beer and continue smoking this little terd. I guess it’s not that bad, but it’s truly not my kind of cigar. I’m not saying that it ruined my Sunday experience, but it didn’t enhance it either. Luckily it was so short that it took no time at all to finish off.
Overall opinion: Meh... (as my daughter would say), I’ll never buy one of these again and I can’t think of an occasion when this would be the perfect cigar.
My Rating: 5

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