Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bolivar (Dominicana)

Another great weekend for cigar smoking. Friday after dinner we went over to my neighbor’s house for cigars and spirits. I brought the cigars and a bottle of Pyrat rum and my neighbor pulled out three bottles of Single Malt Scotch: Balvenie, Oban and Talisker. All three were excellent, but if I had to choose I’d take the Oban - smoothest by far. Luckily we live close enough to walk home - no way I could have drove.
Saturday, dinner at Cactus Restaurant in Kirkland - best Tex-Mex on the Eastside, consistently outstanding food! My wife and I love it!
So after dinner and drinks, we walked over to the Tobacco Patch to meet up with the gang and enjoy a fine cigar. It was a perfect night, temp in the low 70’s, blue sky, very little breeze. I brought along a Bolivar. Surprisingly I’ve never smoked one of these before. Guess I’ve always thought that they’d be a little on the strong side. Technically speaking, I’ve never seen anyone smoking Bolivars, so I really didn’t know if they were any good. I picked this one up at Rain City Cigars in Georgetown.
When I pulled the cigar out and showed my fellow aficionados that I was about to smoke a Bolivar, the first thing they asked was “is it a Cuban?” I replied back “I wish!” They claim that the Cubans are much better, which I don’t doubt, but since I’ve never smoked one of these before, I really wouldn’t know any better.
So I lit the cigar and puffed until it was perfectly lit - right away the flavor, the smoothness, the creamy smoke - WOW! This is GREAT! I really underestimated how good these Bolivars are. The wrapper is dark and has kind of a rustic look and feel to it. It’s not packed too tight and there was a little soft spot that I noticed, but boy, I truly enjoyed this smoke. My one little tiny complaint was that the draw was a little tough at first, probably my fault. I punched it a second time and that opened it up enough for the smoke to billow out. The whole cigar was absolutely perfect - smooth as hell, you’ll see what I mean if you smoke one.

I was over at Costco earlier today and noticed that they have a new sampler package of cigars - one of the cigars in the box was a Bolivar - Heck, I couldn’t pass this up, the price was too good, so I bought it. After dinner tonight I lit my Costco Bolivar up - Amazing! Just as good as the first one. Now I’m really curious what a Cuban Bolivar might taste like? Well, I might get my chance next month - I’m going up to Canada for a wedding. Yes, I’ll definitely be searching for one!
My Rating: 9.2

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