Monday, July 27, 2009

3 Cigar Weekend

Rarely in Kirkland does the temperature get above 90º, but later this week it's going to top 100º. You're probably thinking "So what?" Well, probably 99.9% of my fellow Kirklanders don't have A/C in their homes, surprisingly most of my neighbors do, but I don't. It was 84º in my house when I went to bed last night. That's hot, isn't it?

Anyway, I met a real nice guy from Dallas at the Tobacco Patch on Friday night, he was in town for a few days on business. I talked to him for a while and he offered me a Epernay cigar from his travel humidor. "Epernay? Hmmm, never heard of it." He told me they were good cigars, plus you know me, I'd never turn down a freebie. I thought that was pretty nice of the guy. Since I was already smoking a Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real, I put this in my pocket for another night. BTW, the RJ Reserva was excellent! This one was one of the larger ring sizes, so it easily lasted an hour. Mild to medium taste and smooth as silk. Very nice indeed.

Saturday night we had friends over for dinner, well actually they brought the food, so we just had to show up - pretty nice friends! Have you ever had an East Indian pizza before? Neither had I, but this was a real treat! Picture your favorite Indian sauce on top of nan, or in this case pizza crust. MMMmmmmm, plus they serve it with a type of Tzatzika sauce on the side, which really helps to mellow out the heat. Yeah, these pizzas were probably 4 or 5 Stars on the heat parade. HOT stuff, but the kind of hot that makes you want to eat more and more. Make sure to have plenty of cold beer on hand if you try one. (Can Am Pizza)

After dinner and dessert we moved out to the upstairs deck for cigars, which of course my good friend brought along as well. He gave me an Avo 80th Anniversary Limited Edition Belicoso. I'm not entirely sure if I've ever smoked an Avo before, but boy I sure liked this one - just a perfect cigar to top off an outstanding dinner. Kind of strange, but earlier when we were eating dinner outside on the lower deck, it started to rain, not real heavy, but enough to say "WTF?" It had been so nice all day long too. Anyway, the rain passed and the stars were out again, we kicked back, sipped on some rum and enjoyed.

Sunday afternoon it was HOT outside, so my lovely wife and I decided to walked down to the waterfront and sit in the sun and kick our feet in the lake. We were going to go over to the marina, but it was kind of busy, so we walked down to what I call "Jake's Beach". It's the first Park south of the marina, nice big dock and some cement stairs that lead down into the water. My dog was such a chicken, he'd never jump off this dock. In fact, I use to take him to the end of the dock and jump in the water just to see if he would follow me into the lake. Heck no! He'd run all the way back to the shoreline and swim out to me. Crazy dog.

Anyway, getting back to cigars, I brought along with me the cigar that my Texas friend gave me on Friday night: Epernay Illusione. Slightly dark wrapper, but not black, packed a little tight, but not too firm to be concerned about. I lit it up as I sat on the dock. First thoughts - Hey, this is pretty good! I'm surprised that I've never heard of this brand before, but then again, there are so many brands out there that it's almost impossible to know them all, kind of like beer. I sat back in the hot sun and puffed away. What a nice smoke! Probably a medium cigar with a consistent taste from start to finish. Great draw too - billows of smoke, just the way I like it.

My Ratings:
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real - 9 (moved up from last review)
Avo 80th Anniversary Belicoso- 9
Epernay Illusione - 8.9

Anyone see that Tango event over in the gazebo at the marina on Sunday? That was pretty neat!

UPDATE: 88º in my house tonight...

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