Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

Great weekend! I think this was the warmest 4th of July that I can remember. Temperature in the high 80’s, a little humid, not much of a breeze, but perfect nights for enjoying fine cigars.
Friday night we had dinner at Trellis Restaurant, which is located in the Heathman Hotel in downtown Kirkland. Excellent restaurant, great food, nice wine list, outdoor seating - we ate outside since it was so beautiful out. After dinner we walked over to the Tobacco Patch, it’s only a couple blocks away. I wanted to try out the other Patagas cigar that I had left in my humidor. I was curious if this one would be as bad as the last one I smoked?

We showed up at the Patch and greeted the gang, the usuals were there plus a few extras. I pulled out my Partagas cigar, guillotined the end and did my little flame routine. First few puffs weren’t too bad, but I also didn’t have a real good feeling about it. I smoked a bit more and said to myself “this isn’t looking good.” One thing I noticed about both Partagas cigars is that they’re packed too tight. Sometimes this works out OK, but overall I don’t like them packed this tight, just makes for a bad draw. Anyway, this cigar turned out to be almost as crappy as the last one I smoked. Luckily the conversation with my fellow Aficionados kept my mind off what I was smoking so I was able to almost finish it. Yeah, I’m not buying those again.
Saturday, 4th of July, busy day, started off with our morning 4 mile walk. We were dog-sitting my neighbor’s dog, so we took her along with us. God it was HOT outside! Got back home and did the normal stuff around the house. We were going to a 4th of July party later and I needed to bring a salad, so I buzzed down to the supermarket and grabbed a few ingredients. This was going to be good!
The party was out in Sammamish, a buddy of mine that I grew up with invites us every year. Lots of people, tons of food, loads of booze, what more could you ask for? The party was great and the salad that I brought was a hit as well, but of course I ate and drank too much. (ugh) We decided to leave around 9:30PM, it might be possible to make it back to Kirkland to watch the fireworks. Sure enough, we make it back home at 9:55PM, I grab a cigar and we walked downtown. I thought for sure that we might miss seeing the fireworks close up, but we lucked out and they didn’t start blasting them off until 10:10PM. It was a GREAT show! I’m so glad that we made it down there in time.
After the fireworks we walked over to the Patch, it’s just around the corner from the Marina where the fireworks were. The place was packed. I brought along with me one of my most trusted cigars, those who follow this blog will already know which brand it was. Can you guess? Yep, Oliva. This was an Oliva Serie G Churchill. Without a doubt one of the finest cigars on the market. I LOVE these cigars! I’d smoke them all time, but I’m always looking for a cigar that measures up to it. Luckily I have found a few. Anyway, great evening, didn’t get to bed until 1:30 in the morning.
So today, Sunday, another beautiful day, maybe a hair warmer. I got a ton of stuff down, went to Tukwila and bought some furniture, swung by the Redmond Mall and picked up cigars at the Wine and Cigar Store, stopped by Macy’s and bought a wedding gift for the wedding that we are going to next weekend. By the way, I’ll be up in Canada so I might have to skip next week’s edition of this blog. We’ll see...
So when I was at the cigar store today, the Perdomo rep just happened to be there with his goods on the table. I talked to him for a bit and noticed that he had a few varieties that I hadn’t seen before, so I bought 3 different ones and he gave me one for free. Tonight I’m going to smoke the Perdomo Grad Cru, Semilla Habano, crop of 2004.

My daughter came over to the house a little later and brought me presents from Columbia, she just got back from vacation down there. She showed us photos from her trip and I opened the bottle of Aguardiente Antioqueño that she brought me. Hmmm, this isn’t bad. Licorice smell, but it doesn’t taste like licorice. Interesting. I like it.
Anyway, I lit up my Perdomo cigar - the Maduro wrapper can be deceiving, I thought for sure this would be a little too strong, but it was smooth as silk for me, excellent draw and flavor up the ying-yang. I’d say it was a medium cigar +, not quite a full bodied, but probably the best Perdomo that I’ve smoked so far. The rep said that I’d enjoy this one and he wasn’t kidding. It’s a bit stronger than the Oliva Serie G, but not so much that you’d need to eat or drink something on the side. Truly a fabulous cigar and I highly recommend it. I love when I can end the weekend on a happy note.
My Rating: 9.9

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Leif said...

Ok that 4th of July weekend sounded great, I am officially jealous now!!!! I leave my humidor at work so I did not enjoy one when the fireworks went off....oh but come next year Oliva it will be :)

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Good choice Leif! If you're ever in the area, stop by the Patch and say "hi", OK? Always a good group over there. Thanks for the comments!

Leif said...

I work in Seattle and live in Tacoma, but after work one of these days I will definitely have to make a trip over to the Patch and have a cigar or 2.....

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Great! Hopefully I'll see you there.