Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ramon Allones 1837

Cigar Night on a Thursday?
My lovely wife and I took a long walk after dinner tonight and since it was still such a beautiful evening, we decided to have a drink and a cigar out on the upstairs deck. Neat-O! I usually don’t smoke cigars on a work night.
I opened a 500 ml bottle (big bottle) of Bitburger beer and grab a Ramon Allones cigar out of the humidor. This was one of the cigars that came in a sampler cigar box that I bought at Costco. You know the sampler boxes that I’m talking about, they put a few premium cigars in it and then they stuff it full of duds just to keep the price reasonable. Well, most of these duds I’ve never smoked, so I thought now was a good time to experiment.
First thoughts? Meh... This is indeed a dud. Little harsh, significant bite the entire time I smoked it. First couple of puffs were OK and the draw was great, but I didn’t like the taste and for sure I didn’t like the bite. Maybe it was too strong, but for me it was kind of a nasty cigar. I had to run back in the kitchen and grab something to eat just so I could struggle through this sucker. My wife didn’t much care for it either.
The thing about cigars is that you’ll never know how they’ll taste unless you try them, and that’s what I like to do... Of course if your taste are like mine, you’ll want to just skip over this one.
My Rating: 4

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