Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Graycliff G2 Yellow (Pirate) Torpedo

I was out in Redmond on Saturday afternoon, my lovely wife needed something at the Mall for the party that we were having on Sunday, so I decided to tag along. Generally when I go to this Mall I like to stop by the Fine Wine & Cigar shop - heck, why else would I go to the Mall?
Interesting fact - I can spend the whole day shopping with my wife going in and out of stores with her, but when it comes time to go into a store that I want to check out, you know like an electronics store, cigar store, etc... she won't last more than 3 minutes. Go figure?
Anyway, while I was at the Mall I jetted over to the cigar place and looked for something different in their humidor. "Ah ha! What's this? Graycliff G2? Never heard of it - Perfect!" I bought it - $8, no worries.
So after I was done with the BBQ on Sunday, I grabbed a cold beer and my G2 and headed out to the deck. Beautiful Sunday afternoon, clear skies and temp near 80. I've never heard of Graycliff cigars before, so I was curious if this was going to be any good? Just looking at the wrapper, the color was a deeper shade of brown, not Maduro brown, but yes this might be a little strong brown, plus the wrapper was just a little rugged looking, not that fine smooth wrapper like you'd find on an Oliva Connecticut. Anyway, I lit it up. OK, so this cigar is indeed a little stronger than most cigars that I smoke, but there's something about it that I kind of like. The draw is nice and the taste is good, but I'm also getting a little buzz, so I slowed down a bit and got a little snack from the kitchen. A couple of times I wanted to put this out, but I just couldn't do it - that full bodied taste was just on the edge of being too strong, kind of like eating spicy food, you just can't seem to get enough of it, even though your hair's on fire. One little item on the negative side was the uneven burn, plus now that I think of it I had to re-lite it a couple of time. It happens...
Overall I don't think I'd buy the Torpedos again, but I might try one of their other varieties.
My Rating: 7

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