Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oliva Master Blends 3

Another beautiful weekend in the Pacific Northwest, not too cool and definitely not too hot, but I think Fall will be here soon - the breeze out of the north has a slight nip to it and some of the leaves on the trees are already changing colors. I'm not a big fan of early Fall, especially if I'm planning on dinning outside - the bees (hornets, yellow jackets, wasps, etc..) drive me nuts! This is the time of year when they really start to come out too.

Anyway, this was an Oliva weekend for me:

Friday: Oliva G
Saturday: Oliva Master Blend 3
Sunday: Oliva O Maduro Robusto

All three cigars in my opinion rate in the high 9's, but if I had to choose the best out of these three I'd say the Master Blend was the winner. It seems to be slightly richer in taste, maybe a tad stronger, and the burn was perfect, of course all Oliva's have a superior draw as well. They are by far one of the best brands on the market and I find that I compare all cigars to them. Jeez, you'd think that I worked for Oliva!

On a side note - Friday night we went out to dinner at the Crab Cracker in Kirkland, we go there once a year to see if it has improved any. Well, it hasn't, in fact the prices have gone up and the food quality has gone down. I was surprised that the place was as busy as it was too. I think my standards are too high, but I hate paying that much money for bad food. Luckily they had Manny's on tap, so I ordered the 22 oz. glass. MMMmmmm... good beer! I was dying to tell the waitress that our food was terrible, but believe it or not she never asked how it was. Maybe she already knew?

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