Monday, August 3, 2009

Seafair Weekend

Remember last week when I said that it was 88º in my house and I thought that was unbearable? Well now 88º doesn't sound all that bad since it got up to 94º in my bedroom on Wednesday. In fact, 88º seems almost comfortable compared to 94º. When I came home from work on Wednesday night (19:00 hrs) it was 104º outside - that's frickin HOT for us Seattleites. Luckily it has cooled back down into the 80's and low 90's, which in my opinion is absolutely perfect weather conditions for the Pacific Northwest.

On HOT Wednesday I also received my shipment of cigars from CI. I ordered a sampler of Oliva and Rocky Patel's, good timing too, my humidor was starting to collect dust. Anyway, I didn't smoke any of the new shipment this weekend, my neighbor had left a couple of Macanudo's on my doorstep the other day - he felt bad that his dog (golden retriever) keeps stealing shoes out of my garage and burying them out in front of his house. That was too funny! I have great neighbors!

So this was Seafair weekend and the Blue Angels were in town. I brought my camera to work one day and clicked off a few shots. Very impressive to watch! I'm just like a little kid when I see them fly - I especially like it when they kick the afterburners on and you can really feel the thrust of their engines. OMG, the thunder those engines make is unbelievable!

Back to cigars, on Friday night I smoked the first Macanudo cafe cigar that my neighbor gave me. I've smoked them before and they're pretty good, not real kickers, but relatively mild cigars, plus the price was right. I had the second one on Sunday night and I've decided that this is NOT a cigar that I would go out of my way for. It's just not, how would I say this, special enough. The draw was OK, but you had to work it to get the volumes of smoke that I like. The taste was somewhat mild, but no complexity to it, kind of like drinking a Miller beer compared to a Micro brew. (Miller drinkers - it's just an analogy!) I'd say that this was an ordinary cigar, a cigar that you'll smoke, but not one that you'll remember. So sad...
Anyway, I'll have to rate this one a 7.

Just a side note, we went out to dinner with some good friends on Saturday night, Indian food at Kanishka Restaurant in Redmond. I've never been there before but the food was fantastic! My wife and I devoured everything that was put in front of us. I guess this is our new favorite Indian restaurant on the Eastside. Anyway, after dinner we went over to our friend's place for dessert - OH NO, how could I possibly fit any more food in my stomach? Well, I did. She made a cheesecake that we couldn't refuse - it was delicious! After dessert we went out on their deck for cigars and drinks - my friend chose an Arturo Fuentes cigars out of his humidor for me and brought out a bottle of Grand Marnier liqueur. Perfect way to finish off the evening. I would have reviewed this cigar as well, but honestly I ate and drank so much that night that I don't remember if the cigar was any good. I must be getting old...

Have a good week my fellow aficionados!

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