Monday, September 21, 2009

Cain Cigars (Oliva)

I was down at the Tobacco Patch and my local tobacconist gave me one of these Cain cigars. He told me to be careful, they're pretty strong. A fellow aficionado near by concurred, he told me the Ligero leaf will sneak up on you....

The Ligero totals for this cigar are as follows:

32% Esteli Ligero
25% Condega Ligero
25% Jalapa Ligero

Ligero = Full Bodied kick-ass

OK, so you're wondering why I even have this cigar in my possession? Besides that it was given to me, I couldn't resist the challenge of seeing how good or bad this cigar was. Would I put it out after the first few puffs, could I handle this Ligero blend? Well, just to play it safe I decided to smoke this cigar at home.

Anyway, Sunday was a beautiful day, temp in the mid 70's and a cool breeze out of the north. Yes, Fall is in the air. I'd already completed most everything that needed to be done for the day and my lovely wife was away at the Mall - perfect opportunity to try out this Cain cigar. I was going to smoke it out on the back deck, but this late in the afternoon the decks are in the shade, so I moved to the garage instead. I didn't want the garage to reek of cigar smoke when mama got home, so I opened up the doors (3 car garage) and let that warm afternoon sunshine air in. Boy it was nice out too - what a great Summer it's been! If only it could be like this all year long...

Back to reality - I sat down at my work bench and flipped on the TV. There was a film on PBS, one that I'd seen before, but every time it comes on I've got to watch it again: "Alone in the Wilderness" - a video of Dick Proenneke. Absolutely amazing film - you will be mesmerized watching what this guy can do and has done in the Alaskan Wilderness. Unbelievable...

So I'm all set now. I poured a glass of Brandy and punched the end of the cigar with a single hole. The wrapper looks nice, a few little dark dots on a somewhat rugged looking stick, no soft spots. I take a sip of Brandy and lite it up. OOOhhhh, nice! This is a really good cigar - full bodied taste, no bite, smooth as silk, billows of white smoke, great draw. Jeez, what's up here? This bad boy Ligero isn't supposed to taste like this, is it? Excellent smoke. What a surprise!

After a while I finish my Brandy and I think to myself that it might be wise to grab something to munch on and possibly get something else to drink. I grab a bag of pistachios and a glass of lemonade, terrible combo, but perfect for the garage. Half way through the cigar it's still holding up perfectly, and so am I. God, I'll definitely have to buy some of these. I've had to re-lite it twice, but that's no big deal - taste-wise, it's still just the same as when I lit it.

OK, so I kind of knew that at some point this cigar would jump up and bite me on the butt, but it didn't actually hit me until I was totally finished with it and typing away on my computer - BAM! Oh man, the room started spinning - better lay down for a minute. Well, I laid down for about an hour. That Ligero blend had a delayed reaction for me - Thank God I wasn't in public, I probably would have passed out. YIKES!

Overall, my rating for this cigar is a 8.9. I would have given it a 10 had I not started feeling sick. Seriously, it's kind of like drinking too much, at first you feel great, but later you feel like crap. I think if I had only smoked half of it, I might have been just fine. Oh well, live and learn...

PS - I'm heading South this weekend; 14 night/Panama Canal cruise. Hopefully I'll be able to find a legitimate Cuban Cohiba this time. I'll keep you posted!

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Sophia said...

Ive seen that "alone in the wilderness" and it is amazing. Very, "wow, I would never want/be able to do that" esque...
Also glad you were in the garage and didnt pass out at the Rover ;)