Wednesday, October 14, 2009

14 Days, 12 Cigars

Just back from 14 days on a cruise ship, sailing from Los Angeles to Miami, via the Panama Canal. What an experience!


Could not have asked for a better vacation - absolutely amazing!

So you're probably wondering if I smoked any Cuban cigars along the way?
Not this time... I found that the "legitimate" Cuban cigars are cheaper back home, plus I'm too cheap.

Most cruise ships have some sort of cigar lounge or a designated spot to smoke cigars/pipes after a certain time at night, but this boat was probably the nicest - open all the time, nice comfortable arm chairs, few tables, nice selection of fine cigars, plus you could order whatever you liked from the bar. There were always people here and we got to know most of the regulars - heck, every night for 2 weeks you'll definitely get to know someone! Great group though, always a good conversation going on. Kind of reminded me of the gang back home at the Tobacco Patch!

So what did I smoke while on the boat?
A variety of Oliva, Cohiba, and Romeo y Julieta cigars - all on my favorite list. The Oliva's I brought from home, but the Cohiba Churchills and the Romeo y Julieta Reserves I bought on board. Good price too!

So why 12 cigars in 14 days?
Well, one day was a travel day back home, so cancel that day for cigars, but the other day off was on the way back to Miami from Columbia - beautiful warm sunny day, but super windy, thus the swells were quite high and the ship was rocking pretty good. My lovely wife got seasick.... I thought it best to stick around in case she needed anything. Nice guy, eh?

Side Note: One night on the boat, one of the entertainers was a hypnotist. He put on a really good show, nothing too crazy like you see sometimes, but when the show was over he said that he would be giving a seminar the next afternoon on self hypnosis and how you can loose weight (big item on a cruise ship), stop smoking, sleep better, etc. etc... We decided to go - heck, we're on a boat, we've got plenty of free time. Anyway, we show up the next day and the hypnotist gives a little talk on hypnosis and it's benefits, then he tells us that we're going to watch a little video to help you loose weight. He also said that the short flick would have subliminal messages in it as well. OK, I'm ready. Now first off, both my wife and I aren't overweight at all, but being on a cruise ship all you want to do eat, so we thought this might be something of interest. Anyway, we watched the self hypnosis video with the subliminal messages and follow all the directions that the video gave us. When it was over I thought that it was no big deal - relaxing, but I doubt anything will become of it.
That night, dinner time, we decide to go to the buffet instead of the main dinning room. I'm looking at all this food on the buffet tables, good food, but nothing looks appealing to me. WTF? Am I sick? Depressed? What's up here? I settle on a few pieces of cheese and some dried appricots, maybe a few walnuts on the side. Excuse me, but what planet am I from again? Too funny, that stupid hypnotist thing worked. For the next few days I was rarely hungry like I usualy am, plus I slept great. This is one of the few cruises that I've been on where I didn't gain any weight. Amazing!

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