Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cabaiguan Belicoso Fino

My wife and I stopped by The Bravern the other day, that's the new "hoity-toity" mall in downtown Bellevue. Nice complex, but did you know that it's an outdoor mall? Shopping in the rain, oh yeah, I really look forward to that...

Speaking of outdoor malls, we were also out in Redmond at the Town Center - yes, shopping in the rain, but this place isn't so bad because I'm able to escape to the cigar store.

Which leads me to the cigar that I picked out: Cabaiguan Belicoso
Ever heard of it? That makes two of us. That's basically why I chose it. So the other night after a big dinner, I decided to try it out.

The Cabaiguan is a really nice looking cigar, at least in my opinion it looks good - good color, good size, pyramid shape, not too firm to the touch, just right. So I lite it up. Nice draw, smooth, billows of white smoke, maybe not sweet like an Oliva, but very enjoyable. Only minor complaints was that the burn was a tad uneven and towards the bottom quarter of the cigar it started to get a little harsh. Still worked OK for me though. I've read a few reviews on this cigar since I've smoked it and you'd almost think that I smoked a different cigar - the reviews I read rate this cigar pretty poorly. I must have found the jewel in the bunch, because mine turned out to be pretty darn good. Even my better half liked it.

So, my rating: 8

Turkey Day coming up - I've got the day after Thanksgiving off this year. Yes! This is the first time in 32 years I've taken it off.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just Like New...

Just like new...

I decided to wipe my computer clean over the weekend and reinstall the operating systems. It's really not that big of a deal, but I can see why people would pay someone else to do it for them - it's WAY too time consuming. In my case it was even more time consuming because I have a Mac AND I also run Windows XP on it. 

Here's a list of what needed to be done: 
  1. back up files before the install
  2. Install Tiger 
  3. Install Leopard
  4. Install Snow Leopard
  5. Install system updates and patches
  6. Run Boot Camp
  7. Install Windows XP Service Pack 2
  8. Install ALL updates and patches (OMG!)
  9. Connect and reinstall peripherals (printers, fax, scanner, hubs, serial adapters, etc..)
I think all in all, it probably took about 8 hours to complete, of course I wasn't sitting in front of my computer the whole time, but I did have to continually restart it. The part that took the most time was installing all the updates and patches for XP. Sheesh! That was never ending. You'd think that you could install all the updates at the same time, but noooooooo, only so many updates and patches will load, then you need to restart your computer and load the next batch. Jeez, that was never ending!

One thing that I did differently this time was to use Boot Camp instead of Vmware Fusions to install and run Windows XP. I'm glad I did too. I love Boot Camp compared to Fusions. XP runs GREAT! I guess I never did need to run both operating systems at the same time, which is one of the pluses to running Fusions.

So now I have an almost brand spank-me new perfectly running laptop. Unfortunately my son uses it occasionally for his studies at the UW, so it's just a matter of time...

Anyway, I did manage to smoke a couple fine cigars during the process. Friday night we stopped by the Tobacco Patch after coffee at Zoka's. BTW, Zoka's is conveniently located right next to the Patch, but had it not been raining I would have gladly walked across the street to either Starbucks or Caffe Ladro, both have better coffee in my opinion. The Patch was pretty dead, but that wasn't going to stop me from my Friday Night Cigar. I lit up an Oliva G Churchills - one of the best cigars on the planet! 

Saturday night after dinner at The Slip in downtown Kirkland, we buzzed up the to the Snoqualmie Casino. I don't think I've ever seen it rain so hard on the way up there; torrential rain! Luckily this place has a great valet service and the front entrance is fully covered, so no worries on staying dry. 

The casino mails us coupons all the time, either for a free buffet or exchange for cash. This time we'll use the cash coupon. Speaking of cash coupons, my mom told me the other day that whenever my sister goes to the casino she takes her coupon straight to the cashier's window and cashes it in, then turns around and walks right out the front door. Winner! ;)

After a couple of hours playing the slots, we decide to call it quits and go have a cigar in the Lit Lounge. The place is packed, but my lovely wife spots a group leaving their table just as we walk through the door. Good timing! I order my favorite rum (Pyrat) and my better half orders a cappuccino, which by the way are not made in the bar anymore, the waitress has to walk over to the restaurant to have it made for us. Good service!

I was cheap this weekend (when am I not?) and brought a cigar with me, I didn't feel like paying $$ for a cigar at the Lit Lounge, especially when I've got plenty at home. Can you guess what I brought? You guessed right! I've got a ton of these Oliva's that I've got to smoke before I buy anything else. For me that's not a problem - I could smoke these any time of day. (all except the Cain cigars, which are deadly to all humans)

All in all, it was a pretty nice evening...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Padilla Series '68 Corojo

We stopped by the Tobacco Patch on Friday night for a quick cigar - it hadn't rained all day, but as soon as I lit up my cigar it started pouring. UGH... Couple of the guys broke out their umbrellas and the rest of us tucked up under the building awnings. Still got a little wet, but a good cigar and a great bunch of Aficionados made it all worth the effort. Extra little treat was watching all the people in their Halloween costumes walking over to the Irish Rover Restaurant for the Halloween party - some of those costumes were hilarious!

Anyway, as you know I've been complaining about the weather ever since I got back from my trip to Central America, but this weekend it finally stopped raining. Saturday was OK, but Sunday was absolutely picture-postcard perfect outside. It was so nice that we walked down to the Kirkland marina and smoked a cigar out on the dock.

Which leads me to the cigar that I chose to smoke out on the dock:  
Padilla Series '68 Corojo

I liked it - Terrific draw, perfect burn, smooth taste, packed nicely, what more could you ask for? It's a little stronger than a Cameroon, significantly stronger than a Connecticut, but not even close to a Ligero. I think you get the picture. It turned out to be the perfect cigar for an amazingly beautiful Sunday afternoon. I have a feeling that might be the last of the nice weather days though.

My Rating: 8

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