Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cabaiguan Belicoso Fino

My wife and I stopped by The Bravern the other day, that's the new "hoity-toity" mall in downtown Bellevue. Nice complex, but did you know that it's an outdoor mall? Shopping in the rain, oh yeah, I really look forward to that...

Speaking of outdoor malls, we were also out in Redmond at the Town Center - yes, shopping in the rain, but this place isn't so bad because I'm able to escape to the cigar store.

Which leads me to the cigar that I picked out: Cabaiguan Belicoso
Ever heard of it? That makes two of us. That's basically why I chose it. So the other night after a big dinner, I decided to try it out.

The Cabaiguan is a really nice looking cigar, at least in my opinion it looks good - good color, good size, pyramid shape, not too firm to the touch, just right. So I lite it up. Nice draw, smooth, billows of white smoke, maybe not sweet like an Oliva, but very enjoyable. Only minor complaints was that the burn was a tad uneven and towards the bottom quarter of the cigar it started to get a little harsh. Still worked OK for me though. I've read a few reviews on this cigar since I've smoked it and you'd almost think that I smoked a different cigar - the reviews I read rate this cigar pretty poorly. I must have found the jewel in the bunch, because mine turned out to be pretty darn good. Even my better half liked it.

So, my rating: 8

Turkey Day coming up - I've got the day after Thanksgiving off this year. Yes! This is the first time in 32 years I've taken it off.

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10-7 Habaneros Aficionados Club said...

Good review my friend. The Cabaiguan cigars are some of my favorites.
Excellent picture!!!!!

Herman S. Koppisch
10-7 Habaneros Aficionados club