Monday, November 2, 2009

Padilla Series '68 Corojo

We stopped by the Tobacco Patch on Friday night for a quick cigar - it hadn't rained all day, but as soon as I lit up my cigar it started pouring. UGH... Couple of the guys broke out their umbrellas and the rest of us tucked up under the building awnings. Still got a little wet, but a good cigar and a great bunch of Aficionados made it all worth the effort. Extra little treat was watching all the people in their Halloween costumes walking over to the Irish Rover Restaurant for the Halloween party - some of those costumes were hilarious!

Anyway, as you know I've been complaining about the weather ever since I got back from my trip to Central America, but this weekend it finally stopped raining. Saturday was OK, but Sunday was absolutely picture-postcard perfect outside. It was so nice that we walked down to the Kirkland marina and smoked a cigar out on the dock.

Which leads me to the cigar that I chose to smoke out on the dock:  
Padilla Series '68 Corojo

I liked it - Terrific draw, perfect burn, smooth taste, packed nicely, what more could you ask for? It's a little stronger than a Cameroon, significantly stronger than a Connecticut, but not even close to a Ligero. I think you get the picture. It turned out to be the perfect cigar for an amazingly beautiful Sunday afternoon. I have a feeling that might be the last of the nice weather days though.

My Rating: 8

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