Monday, December 7, 2009

New Toy

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday. Mine turned out to be much better than expected, especially since I didn't have to go to work on Friday! My wife really did a superb job!
So anyway, the weather here has turned cold, not the normal Seattle cold, but Eastern Washington cold - temperature this morning was 24º and clear. BBbbbbrrrrrr...I'll gladly take the cold over the rain any day. (true Seattleite)

Speaking of cold, I bought a new toy - a patio heater. We were over at Home Depot the other day and I saw a stack of them in the middle of the isle on sale. I looked at the price and thought it might be a mistake. So me being the extremely cheap person that I am went home and searched for what they should cost on the web. Yep, this was a mighty fine deal, so I returned to Home Depot the following day and I went down the isle where I saw them before and "oh, oh.... where are they?? Dang, did I miss out?." I asked one of the salespeople if he knew if they had any left and he said that he thought he saw one out in the gardening dept. Sure enough there was one sitting out there all by itself waiting for me, and it was still on sale!

Which leads me to the cigar that I smoked last night in the frigid weather out on my deck. It had to be in the 20's, maybe 30º at the most, but it was cold. I grabbed a bottle of Bass Pale Ale from the fridge and a cigar from my humidor and headed outside. First things first, I turned on the propane for the patio heater and fired it up - Amazing, it works! This definitely will change whether I smoke on the deck or in the garage, no more freezing my butt off! Definitely a good buy.

The cigar that I'm smoking tonight I've actually reviewed before back in May while we were in sunny Mexico: Oliva Serie O Maduro. I rated this cigar pretty high the last time I smoked it, so I'm looking forward to enjoying it again.

I'm not sure if it's the cold weather or just the cigar, but it feels a little too firmly packed this time. The wrapper looks just the same though - a little rugged and oily. Before I lite the cigar, I grab my bottle of beer that's been sitting on the deck railing - talk about ICE cold! I best hang on to it so it doesn't freeze.

I single hole punch the bottom and lite it up. What was my first thought? Meh... This must be a different cigar, it doesn't taste anything like the cigar that I smoked in Mexico. Or, maybe it tasted just the same but when I was in Mexico I might have had a bit too much to drink? Anyway you look at it, I didn't think this cigar was worthy of the rating I gave it last time. Not as smooth, the draw was a little rough, the firmness kind of bothered me and towards the end it started to get a little harsh, not that lovely Oliva cigar that I'm used to, NO WAY! Don't get me wrong, it is a good cigar, but not a great one and not one that I would likely buy again. (although this was a freebie)

My Rating: 7.5

PS - I'm looking forward to this Friday night, my wife and I are invited to the exclusive Vertigo Club in Seattle. (Thanks Herman!)

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