Monday, January 25, 2010

Warmest January

Met up with the gang on Friday night down at the Tobacco Patch, luckily it wasn't raining, quite nice actually, just a bit cold. I heard on the local news that this has been the warmest January on record for our area. Go figure? Last winter we had all that snow, this year nothing. Amazing indeed. Believe me, I can do without the snow.

So on Saturday my good friend Herman from the 10-7 Habaneros Club came over for dinner with his lovely wife. He brought along a superb bottle of red wine, which we had with dinner, and he gave me a couple of fine cigars that he picked out special for me. Nice, eh?

It was a perfect evening - good friends, excellent food, plenty to drink, and fine cigars. I love when everything works out!

Interesting note - my friend speaks Spanish, but he didn't realize that he could read Portuguese. Here's a photo of him reading the label from a bottle of Cachaça, which he read "sem sotaque" (no accent) after drinking a shot. ;)

This weekend promises to be another great one for cigars, food and friends. A bunch of the Tobacco Patch gang are coming over for dinner on Sunday. I kind of owe one of the guys a dinner for something that he did for me awhile back. Believe me, it was something really BIG - This is the least I could do for him.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to evaluating the two cigars that Herman gave me, hopefully they'll make it on my next review.

Have a great week!


10-7 Habaneros Aficionados Club said...

John, that was a great article. You are a master. I had one of the best times ever. BTW, Im going to start working on my portugese. Love the language.
Looking forward for your reviews on cigars.
Thank you my good friend,

Hef said...

That was a good time indeed my friend. Hope we can do it again soon. BTW, thanks again for the cigars - boa sorte com seu Português!