Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Busy Weekend

You know a lot of my weekends are pretty booked up, in fact generally speaking I am so busy that sometimes I actually look forward to going back to work on Mondays - That's when I can take a break!

Anyway, the annual Super Bowl Party was on Sunday out in Issaquah at a friend's house. Great food, but I ate too much. Luckily I didn't drink too much. I was a good boy this year. Boy, what a great game though!

Saturday night we were in the U-District having dinner at Bilbao Tapas Bar. A gal we know was singing in the bar, and one of the waiters there is a guy that I used to smoke cigars with a long time ago. We had a lot of fun and the tapas were delicious! The only bad part is parking. On the Eastside we're spoiled with not having to pay for it, well generally speaking you can find someplace to park for free, but in Seattle finding a free parking place is like winning the lotto. It cost me $6 to park in the lot across the street from the restaurant. It was pouring down rain and I'm standing out there waiting for the stupid credit card reader to give me a receipt to put on the dash of my car. Holy cow, it must have taken 5 minutes. So obviously you can see how happy I am about going into town for any event. Parking sucks! PS - this was our first time to this restaurant and as it turned out if you ate at Bilbao you didn't have to pay for parking. UGH -now they tell me!

But what I really wanted to tell you about was a little gem that I bought a few weeks back.

DaVinci Leonardo 7.00 X 48

I just happened to be looking at JR cigars Dutch Auction site the other day and I noticed a box (10 count) of these DaVinci's for $19.95. Then I noticed that they had 1000 boxes that they were trying to unload. Huhn? That's pretty darn cheap, plus they've got a boatload of them. OK, I'll bid on a box. Amazing, $19.95 and a couple bucks for shipping - that's dirt cheap! So when they arrived just a few days later I was pretty excited.

The cigars come in a beautifully decorated white box and each cigar is individually sealed in a glass tube. Just by looking at the packaging I'd say someone is loosing money here, and it sure isn't me! I took one of the tubes out of the box and inspected it - Hmm? The cigar looked a little darker than what the website showed. I opened the tube and pulled out the stick. OK, yes indeed the wrapper is darker than the picture I saw on the web, but no worries. What was a little worrisome was that the wrapper had a rugged feel to it, kind of leafy with lots of little pinpoints sticking up. Now I'm thinking that this cigar might actually be worth what I paid for it. It did however have a pretty solid feel to it; firmly wrapped. So I carefully lite it up.

The first drag on a cigar in my opinion is one of the most important, because if it's good, the cigar will immediately put a smile on your face. If that first puff is bad, well you kind of hope for a miracle for the rest of it. The first puff in this case was Good! As was the second and third. This two buck cigar is smoking like one of the more expensive brands - I love when that happens! Medium to full bodied in taste, much, much smoother than I would have guessed and a flavor that never let up. Maybe not as sweet as I would have liked, but a very solid smoke, very enjoyable and that's really what it's all about.

For the money, I definitely recommend it...
My Rating: 8

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