Monday, February 22, 2010

Camacho Cigars

What a beautiful weekend, almost feels like Spring! Well, almost. It still gets pretty cold at night. If you've been watching the Winter Olympics, the weather they get up there is basically the same as what we get down here, we're just a little bit warmer. (Vancouver BC is only a couple hours away by car)
Being so nice outside, we try to spend as much time down on the waterfront as we can - it's so pretty down there!

So on Saturday night after a BIG dinner down at my favorite Chinese restaurant, my wife and ventured over to the Tobacco Patch for a cigar. We stopped by that new cupcake place across from Cactus restaurant first for some desert, then of course we had to run over to Caffe Ladro for a Mocha, but then we were ready for a fine cigar.

I walked into the Tobacco Patch and said "hello" to my favorite tobacconist and he handed me a cigar. "Hmmm? A Camacho. I've never had one of these before." He said that they don't actually sell them in his store, but he had a few to hand out. To tell you the truth I don't think I've ever noticed the Camacho line in any of the local shops around here. I had no clue as what to expect from it.

Anyway, since I didn't see the box that this cigar came out of, I'm thinking that it might have been a Camacho Havana Figuardo, not entirely sure though - searching the web can be deceiving. I would have taken a picture of it had I not smoked it that night. Oh well, I saved the band for the camera shot.

There's something about a pyramid shaped cigar that I've always loved - the feel in my hand and also the way the pyramid shape fits between your lips; I have a tendency to bite down on Figurados. ;)

First off, this is a really good looking cigar - it has a nice, smooth, natural wrapper and the feel is just a tad soft to the touch, but consistent throughout. I guillotine cut the point and lite it up. UGH! Something about that first puff wasn't quite right - left a bad taste in my mouth. Jeez, I wonder if I might have lit this up goofy? I let my wife try it and she said the same thing. However, this might have been the power of suggestion since I told her it tasted funny right off. But you know what, this turned out to be one of the best cigars that I've smoked in a long, long time. That nasty taste at the beginning went away very quickly and rest of the cigar was incredibly smooth tasting. One of my fellow aficionados that was sitting right next to me smoking the exact same brand got a little buzz off it, and he's a veteran cigar smoker! Me, surprisingly no effect, and I'm usually the biggest wiener when it comes to any of the more potent blends. The burn, the draw, the ash, the volumes of smoke, all turned out to be fantastic. This is a keeper for sure.

One of these days when I grow up, I'm going to learn the more subtle nuances of evaluating fine cigars, but until then you'll just have to trust me, this cigar is a winner! I'll definitely smoke this brand again, you can count on it.

My Rating: 9.5

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