Monday, February 1, 2010

Gift Cigars

A good friend of mine, a true Connoisseur of fine cigars, gave me a couple of cigars last week and I've been dying to try them out. He could have given me just about anything, but he gave me these, so I'm betting that these are extra special.

So let me tell you about my weekend - Friday night, Cigar Night, of course we always try to make it down to the Tobacco Patch, and this Friday was no exception. Since it was pretty late, Starbucks was already closed and Caffe Ladro just seemed to far to walk (half a block further than the Patch - jeez!), so we stopped by Zoka Cafe on the corner. I don't know why we stopped by here, every previous visit here has been an issue for us. (funny how when you get older your "minimum standards bar" keeps getting higher and higher) Anyway, this time it was a lukewarm mocha. I asked if they could make it again only this time make it really hot! Naturally they did and with no complaints, but when I tasted the second cup it was identical to the first one - I wasn't about to ask them to do it again. Unbelievable... Yeah, that was my last visit to Zoka. Always something...

We made it over to the Patch and there were quite a few people hanging around. I brought along with me a cigar from a box that I had ordered online the week before. The price I paid for these cigars was incredibly cheap, so I kind of assumed that these weren't going to live up to my minimum standards bar. Stay-tuned, I'll give you a very surprising review next week on these.

OK, now onto the main event. Saturday night we buzzed up to the Snoqualmie Casino to do a little gambling, but more importantly - visit the Lit Lounge for a drink and a cigar. After loosing at the Poker Tables we stroll over to the cigar bar. The place is packed, so we stand next to the bar until something opens up. I order a glass of Pyrat Pistol Rum and a Coke for my lovely wife. When the drinks arrive a couple seats at the bar open up - Bingo! We grab them before anyone else can. Ah, time to enjoy this cigar that I've been looking forward to all week.

It's a Nestor Miranda Collection/Miami Cigar & Company 20th Anniversary Cigar. Wow, that's a mouth full. An indeed so is the cigar! It's bigger than most Churchill's and has an extremely wide ring size - kind of looks like it was made for a giant. Don't let that detour you though, it is a beautiful looking cigar, smooth as hell, in fact maybe just a hair on the "too smooth" side. I'm not sure if it was the construction or maybe a very microscopic hole, but I thought the draw was just a little airy? I'm going to try one more of these just to double check, but overall though I was quite satisfied with it. Boy, it took me forever to smoke too!
My Rating: 8.6

Last night we had 4 friends over for dinner, it was a thank-you dinner for one of the guys. Anyway, after eating WAY too much, myself and all the guys retired out to the back deck to enjoy a smoke. I lit up the patio heater, brought out a bottle of rum and offered the group a cigar. Now it was time to give my other gift cigar a try.

The E.P. Carrillo EdiciĆ³n Inaugural 2009. Yes, this cigar looked right up my alley - perfect color, great feel, excellent size, nice aroma, just by looking at it I knew that I would like it. Turns out that I loved it! Silky smooth taste from the moment you light it up until the hot ashes are burning your fingertips, absolutely an outstanding cigar. I'm not good at describing taste and flavor, but this was delicious, just a tad stronger than a mild/medium bodied cigar and a great draw, in my mind it was perfect. Out of the 3 cigars I smoked over the weekend, this one was by far the winner.
My Rating: 9

Thanks Herman!


10-7 Habaneros Aficionados Club said...

John, Excellent reviews on both cigars. BTW, my favorite too was the EP Carillo.
The photo set up for the cigar pictures is fantastic. Beautiful photos. I'm impress.
Keep up the great articles and photos my friend. Can't wait to see your next article.
A 10-7 Habanero Aficionado

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Thanks Herman! One of these days I hope that my photos are on the same caliber as yours.
Take care!