Monday, February 15, 2010

Punch Upper Cut

Valentine's Day weekend, another busy weekend for me. On top of all the stuff that I had to do, including my taxes, I also had to take care of my neighbor's dog while they were up at Whistler Mountain watching the Olympics. I don't mind really, it's a beautiful golden retriever that's super well trained. I'd actually love to have a dog like this! Someday, eh?

I made it over the Tobacco Patch on both Friday and Saturday nights - only a few cigar aficionados this weekend due to the off and on rain shower situation. It wasn't too bad though.

Anyway, Friday I smoked another one of those Da Vinci cigars (see last week's review), and Saturday I enjoyed a Macanudo, one that my neighbor had given me before he left for Canada. But on Sunday after I finished my taxes, I wanted to celebrate a little bit, especially since I didn't have to mail a check to Uncle Sam this year. Yippee! So I grabbed a beer and a Punch Upper Cut cigar and headed out to the garage. (couldn't go out on the deck because it was raining, again)

So here's what I thoughts...

When I first lit the cigar there was a bite, plus it left a nasty taste in my mouth, drag was a little tough as well. I looked at the head of the cigar and re-punched the hole, just to see if it might open it up a little more - luckily it did! Much better draw, plus after just a little bit it really smoothed out. Perfect white ash. Cigar is firmly wrapped. I've always said that the first puff was the most important, well, that theory appears to be going bye-bye. That very nasty opening taste is totally gone now and the flavor is full, but smooth. I love a cigar that gives off a good volume of smoke when I draw on it and this one is superb. So far, so good.

Little issue - about quarter of the way through the cigar, the burn was a little uneven. I took a closer look and noticed that the wrapper was cracking just a tad on one side. A few moments later it looked like it was going to unwrap. What the heck? Luckily the smoke is still enjoyable - just hope it doesn't fall apart in my lap.

I was drinking a Dos Equis Amber Cerveza, which I'd have to say paired well for this cigar. I think I could have easily brought out my good rum, but it was too early in the day - didn't want to get looped! ;)

Halfway through the cigar and I noticed a little harshness, but it's not consistent, some puffs have it and some don't. I'm not really happy with the cracking in the wrapper either. It still occurring.

Little further along and it's not unwrapping, but there's still one little crack in the wrapper, plus the burn is still uneven. It's not a bad smoke though. The full-bodied taste is keeping me interested.

Last third of the cigar and everything has fallen into place - burn has evened out and the cracking is gone. Flavor is great and strangely enough the bite never came back. I would have rated this cigar much higher, but having a cigar potentially unwrap on you is not a cool thing, plus I want a cigar that remains smooth for the entire smoke.

My Rating: 7.0


10-7 Habaneros Aficionados Club said...

Excellent review and a very original photo.

"Sir Godfather"

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Thank you "Sir Godfather," your comments are always appreciated!

Almost time to get together again mi amigo?