Monday, March 8, 2010

Another fine cigar weekend

Friday: Te Amo World Selection Series Cuban Blend Robusto
Saturday: Da Vinci Leonardo
Sunday: Coronado by La Flor

You know how they say that you should never judge a book by it's cover, well technically speaking you can apply that same law to cigars. I had high hopes for this Te Amo Cuban blend when I picked it up at the smoke shop last week. It looked like something I would enjoy - wrapper has a nice color, nice big robusto ring size, price was good, and an interesting wording on the label: Te Amo and Cuban Blend - what's not to love?

OK, so here's what I didn't like. First, the draw. I really had to work this cigar to get anything out of it. It's not that it was wrapped too tight, actually it had the perfect feel to it, but for some odd reason I just couldn't get the amount of smoke that I was looking for. Secondly, the taste. Since I was already hacked off at the draw, it was easy to complain about the taste. It wasn't necessarily strong or harsh, but I think this particular leaf is not my cup of tea. I'll smoke it, but it's really not my favorite.
Rating: 7

Saturday was a gorgeous Springlike day with temps near 60ยบ - Holy Cow, this has been one of the mildest Winters on record. No snow at all! (Knock on wood) So Saturday night we ventured back downtown Kirkland for a little stroll, then dinner, dessert, coffee and of course a cigar. I brought along with me another one of those Da Vinci Leonardos. I'm not going to go into details, but this one was just as surprisingly good as the one I smoked a few weeks back. Da Vinci cigars? Heck, who would have guessed? These are good! (and cheap!)

So on Sunday afternoon while my lovely wife was at the Mall and I was pretty much caught up with everything, I decided to take a break and have a cigar. I poured a glass of Oban, grabbed a cutter and some matches and picked out the first cigar that I saw in my humidor.

Coronado by La Flor - Yeah, I've never heard of it too, but this was an amazing cigar, up until the last third, that's when it starting getting somewhat harsh, but before that I thought it was one of the better cigars that I've smoked - really rich, full bodied, smooth taste. I loved it, just that last little part at the end was a bit annoying. GRRRrrrr....

Rating: 8 (would have been in the high 9's had it not been for the final)

Anyone watch the Oscars this year? I never watch that sort of stuff, but while I was sitting in the garage smoking my cigar I happened to have it on that channel. You know it was actually pretty entertaining. I thought Steve Martin and Alec Bladwin were hilarious! Big surprise of the evening for me was when Sandra Bullock got the Best Actress award. Amazing...

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