Monday, March 22, 2010

Infused Cigars

So on Friday night while I was down at the Tobacco Patch, I was searching for a cigar that a friend of mine (Leif) recommended. His taste being similar to mine, I thought I'd see if I could find it. Well, unfortunately I couldn't find the Acid Kuba Kuba, but I did find an Acid Blondie, so I picked that up along with a Baccarat cigar.

First the Baccarat, which I smoked on Friday night -Terrible cigar, too harsh and an awful flavor to it.
The details (sorry, no photo) on the label read:
Dolce Far Niente
The Game
This was probably one of the worst cigars I've smoked in years - harsh and it left a terrible taste in my mouth afterward. I need to go and brush my teeth just thinking about it!
Rating: 1 (I gave it a rating of 1 because the draw and the burn were OK, otherwise it would have gone into negative territory)

Saturday afternoon was beautiful, temperature around 60ยบ and sunny blue sky. I was over at the Redmond Town Center Mall with my lovely wife, she was shopping and of course I was at the cigar store trying to find an Acid Kuba Kuba cigar. Naturally they didn't have it, but they did have a few Drew Estate selections, one being the Java. Oh brother this is a good looking cigar, but more on that later. I bought the Drew Estate Java and a Perdomo cigar.

Anyway, Saturday night we buzzed up to the Snoqualmie Casino to meet up with friends at the Lit Lounge (cigar bar). We got there a little early, so we started out at the poker slots at the bar, my favorite slots by the way, played for about an hour or so, then headed over to the Lit lounge.

So let me tell you about the Java by Drew Estate. When I first saw this at the cigar store it stood out from all the others. The box press, the Java label, the beautiful dark maduro wrapper and what's this, the light aroma of coffee or maybe chocolate? I had no clue that this was a flavor infused cigar. What is a flavor infused cigar anyway? I gave the cigar a scissor cut -my cutter sliced through it like butter, very, very smooth, not the chop or the snap that you get sometimes. I took a sip of coffee and lit it up. By the way, the French press coffee at the Lit Lounge is exceptional and goes perfectly with a cigar. Sometimes I actually prefer it to booze. (don't quote me)
I lit up the Java Maduro - Oooooh, that's nice. The slight sweetness on your lips and the medium bodied, very smooth taste was such a pleasant surprise that I had to let my wife try it. She puffed on it and gave me a look like "wow, that' IS good!" Two thumbs up so far. I couldn't really say if I tasted coffee or cocoa flavor, I just know that it was a very unique taste and I liked it! This cigar continued to impress me the entire time. The sweetness diminishes as you get towards the end, but overall it's an excellent cigar.
My rating: 9.5

Now on to the other flavor infused cigar - The Acid Blondie

Since it was still early and we were deep in conversation with the gang, I decided that this would be a two cigar evening, and I just happened to bring a second cigar with me. I've seen the Acid label before, but never thought too much of it. I think anything that says "acid" on the label has a negative impact with me. Well, it looks like I was wrong. I liked it! This was a very mild cigar, extremely smooth, flavored cigar, excuse me, flavor infused cigar. The only small issue is that it might have been a little too sweet at first. But, since I was drinking a cup of French press coffee, which is already pretty darn strong, the two taste seemed to balance out one another. This is a good cigar if you didn't have much time - the cigar is pretty short and it seemed like I smoked this in about 20 minutes or so - really fast. Overall, I liked it though, but I would definitely buy the Java over this one.
My rating: 8.9


Leif Alire said...

Glad to hear you like the Java a very good cigar I agree. And those photos I got to comment on the high quality pictures you take very nice!!!! Oh and another good usual!!!!

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Thanks Leif!
I'm going on vacation in May, so I'll have to pickup a few Java's to take along with me. Very good cigar!