Monday, March 1, 2010

Sancho Panza Maduro

Blasted up to the Snoqualmie Casino on Saturday night for a little gambling. It was kind of interesting, while we were there a gal won $1,000,000 at a slot machine. A million bucks - Holy Sheet-O! Some old lady playing a $5 progressive slot machine. When the casino people came over to congratulate her, she was as cool as a clam, you'd never know she won that much money. Even funnier was that she forgot her ID, so she had to call someone to get it and bring it up to her. Too funny...

So while we were at the casino our primary mission was to go to the Lit Lounge for a drink and a cigar. As usual when we entered the bar it was packed - definitely don't come here on a Saturday night if you want to "sit". We were kind of lucky though, we saw a few people that we knew and they invited us to sit at their table with them. One slight problem was that there was only one chair for the two of us. We made it work. :)

I brought along with me a cigar that's been sitting in my humidor for a little while, not sure when and where I got it, but I thought this would be as good a time as any to see if it was any good. Since I don't actually remember buying this cigar, I can't tell you exactly which variety it was. I'll tell you what I do know though, it was a Sancho Panza, box pressed Maduro in a Churchill size. Couple of things I like about it are the box pressed shape and the Churchill size - two pluses. What's kind of lame is the label - it just doesn't stick out in any way. I think that's why it was still sitting in my humidor - too many other cigars with labels that give the impression that you're going to be smoking a quality First Class cigar. Kind of interesting when you think about it, how can a label do all that? Mind games...

So what did I think?
Meh... nothing special. (I think the label was telling me something after all) The draw was good, it burned well, the taste was acceptable and it was somewhat smooth, maybe a hair on the strong side, but the one thing that it wasn't was memorable, at least not to me. Don't get me wrong me, it's really not a bad smoke, just not one that I would go out of my way to buy. Had this been just a bit more creamy or silky so to speak, it would have made it to the "Good" category. Oh well... An average cigar is better than a bad cigar.

My Rating: 7.5

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