Monday, April 19, 2010

CAO Criollo

75º in Issaquah yesterday - not bad for mid-April. I don't think it got that warm in Kirkland, but it sure felt nice!

Saturday night we were meeting some friends up at the Lit Lounge for cigars and drinks. We arrived at the casino around 9 PM and proceeded to gambled for a while. Generally when we gamble, we have a set amount of money to lose, so once it's gone, it's gone, party over. Anyway, we started out at the poker machines up at the bar and didn't win squat, then proceeded to lose more $$ at the slot machines, so after only about 45 minutes we're about ready to head to the lounge, but first we had to make a quick stop at the restroom. On the way there I spot a whole row of slot machines with nobody playing them, kind of weird because the place is packed. I figure what the heck, let's play one of these. So my lovely wife puts the cash voucher in the machine and presses the button to increase her bet to 3 bets, but it doesn't work, she tries a few more times but it doesn't change, she thinks that there's something wrong with the machine. Anyway, she leaves the bet at the minimum and presses the spin button - a few seconds later, two-bars display all the way across the screen. WINNER!! I look at the payout on the bottom of the screen and do a double-take - "what the heck?" I grab my bride's shoulder and say: "Honey, this wasn't a five cent machine, it was a FIVE DOLLAR MACHINE!!" Boy, talk about instantaneously changing the mood for the rest of the evening! Too funny...

Anyway, a few weeks back down at the Tobacco Patch, the CAO Rep gave me this CAO Criollo cigar. I brought it with me to the casino, along with a Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve and an ACID Blondie, for my sweetie. To drink, French Press coffee, then moved to Pyrat Pistol rum, but would finish the evening with bottled water.

So the first thing I noticed about the Criollo was it's pigtail - little curlicue on the head of the cigar. Kind of cute. Next, the smell of wrapper - nice, very nice, and the feel is firm, not spongy. Personally, I like the size of this cigar, 6 X 50, easily an hour plus smoke. So I guillotine cut the head, bye-bye pigtail, and lite it up.

What did I think? Perfect... really no complaints at all. Although if you want to get picky, I'd say that the label is the only thing lacking, everything else was well above most the cigars that I've smoke lately. Medium bodied, full flavored, very smooth, easy draw and billows of white smoke. This isn't a nicotine-bomb either. You'll totally enjoy this one.
My Rating: 9.4

On a side note....
On Friday night, I discovered that I had 1 Oliva Serie G Box Press Churchill (Cameroon wrapper) in my humidor. I haven't smoked one of these babes in ages. So I took it down to the Patch with me. Well, after dessert at that new cupcake place and coffee over at Caffe Ladro, I lit up my cigar out in front of the smoke shop. Most of the gang was there, plus a few new people. Anyway, I've got to tell you that without a doubt the Oliva Serie G is my favorite cigar. If I could only smoke one type of cigar for the rest of my life, this would be it. I kid you not. Sure, I've smoked many Cuban cigars, but in my opinion, this is just as good if not better, plus it's more reliable. (better not say that too loud)

Have a great week!

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