Monday, April 12, 2010

Kuba Kuba

First I'll tell you about another batch of promotional cigars that I recently ordered and received. The deal was just too good to pass up...

Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve
Four Cigar Trial Sampler
Only $7.95
($5.00 plus $2.95 shipping and handling)

1 No. 2
1 Toro
1 Churchill
1 Robusto

This promotion expires on June 30, 2010, so you've still got a little time if you're interested.

So what did I think? I smoked the No.2 last week, and this week I had the Robusto while down at the Tobacco Patch on Friday night, both were good smokes, maybe a little peppery for me, but they both were enjoyable. Burn and draw were right on the money, no complaints. I thought that they both started out a little rough, but mellowed out after about the first third of the cigar. Coffee turned out to be a good pair with these. What really made them standout was the price: $7.95 for 4 RJ cigars, and that included shipping - you can't beat the price.
My rating: 7.8

Onto the Kuba Kuba...

A friend of mine recommended this cigar, so I finally picked one up.

Pretty nice day yesterday, although that breeze out of the north was annoying. Anyway, in the late afternoon, not long before dinner, my lovely wife and I went out on our back deck to smoke this KubaKuba. I poured a nice cold beer and grabbed my cigar tools. Before cutting it, I gave it the quick once-over - nice looking cigar, good feel, fits well in my hand, rich colored wrapper, nice label, not too firm, and it has a certain smell. What is that scent? I handed the cigar to my wife and ask her: "What's that smell like?" She takes it and holds it up to her nose and says: "Men's cologne". My thoughts were somewhat on the same path, but I was thinking that I just walked into a men's barbershop. It didn't smell bad, just kind of different. I put the cigar between my lips and immediately taste the sweetness of the wrapper. I gave the cigar a straight cut and lit it up. Interesting flavor, not all that bad, but I've got to admit that a beer is not the best thing to pair this cigar with. I think an espresso or maybe going the other direction, a glass of rum? I'll have to experiment next time. Anyway, about half way through, I notice that the wrapper is cracking just a bit, like it might start to unravel. Oh oh... that's not good. So I baby-it until I've smoked past the cracking part. To me, that's one of the more annoying things that you can have happen - your cigar starts to unroll on you. Sheesh!

There was one other issue that I had with this cigar, but it might have been more my fault and not the cigars, so I'll wait and see what happens next time.

This has been kind of interesting as far as infused flavor cigars go. I started out with the Java by Drew Estate, which I absolutely loved, then I smoked an ACID Blondie, again, great cigar, and now I've had the Kuba Kuba, well, not as good as the others, but not a bad medium to full bodied cigar. I really would like to pair this up with something other than a beer, just to see if I would judge it differently...

My rating: 7

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backrub? said...

Ah man orry to hear the cigar cracked on you...but I am for sure getting that order of the 4 cigars. I had a Kuba Kuba a few weeks ago and was left wanting. Others I had though very good...