Monday, April 5, 2010

Montecristo Classic Trio

A few weeks back I spotted a link for Montecristo cigars:

Montecristo Classic Cigars
Three Cigar Trial Sampler
Only $9.95

That's $9.95 total - shipping included. I couldn't resist. Well, after about 6 weeks my CARE package arrived...

So on Friday night I tried out the Robusto while I was down at the Tobacco Patch. Weather was crappy, it wasn't raining, but it was cold and windy, not the best weather to be out in. We'd already stopped for coffee and dessert, so we were all set for a cigar. Generally speaking, if there's no one at the Patch, I won't stop, but about 95% of the time, you'll find someone here to enjoy a cigar with. Friday was no exception.

Anyway, the Robusto turned out to be a good smoke, maybe a tad stronger than I would have liked, but it did have the smooth Montecristo characteristics. Unfortunately, the weather was too crappy for my better half, so we decided to call it a night early. Yeah, it wasn't any fun being outdoors. I think we should have gone to the Casino instead.

Sunday was my next opportunity to try out one of these Montecristo Classics. After a BIG Easter dinner we went out on the deck for a cigar and a drink. This time I brought out the Torpedo. It wasn't raining and it wasn't all that cold out, but I turned on the outdoor heater just to play it safe - nothing like being nice and toasty.

So my first thought after lighting this cigar was that it tasted similar to the Montecristo No.2 (Cuban) that I had a while back. No kidding, this was a really nice cigar indeed. Medium bodied, silky smooth, good burn, decent draw, well, the draw could have been better, but overall this cigar was near perfection. Not sure why, (maybe the booze) but I enjoyed this cigar much more than the Robusto. Wonder why? What made it taste even better was knowing that I paid next to nothing for it. :)
My Rating: 9.5

On a side note -
Sunday (Easter) afternoon we were downtown Kirkland taking a walk, it was still windy, but not intolerable. My lovely wife wanted some frozen yogurt, so we stopped by Ce Fiore. As we were walking down there, I noticed a new smoke shop that was open. What's kind of weird is that it's only about 30 yards away from the Tobacco Patch. So after we got the frozen yogurt we decided to check it out.
It's called the "Smokin Hot Smoke Shop". The location is good, it's right on Lake street in the old Lake Shore Plaza building. It's not really a cigar store, although they do have a humidor with a few boxes of cigars to choose from, it's more of a smoke shop for everything else; cigarettes, pipes, tobacco, etc. etc., but what will really catch your eye is the hookahs - they sell all kinds of them, plus they've got a big room in the back that they're turning into a Hookah lounge. Very interesting stuff for downtown Kirkland. The guy that worked behind the counter was a super nice guy and gave me the lowdown on what they're planning in the near future. I hope it works out for them - I'll be back to check it out again soon.

BTW - they did have Kuba Kuba cigars, so I bought one. ;)

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