Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Haven't had much time for cigars lately, I've been kind of busy getting ready for my upcoming trip - I'm off to Brazil on Friday for three weeks of fun in the sun. Well actually it's Fall down there, but it's still a lot warmer than Kirkland. (other side of the equator the seasons are the opposite)
Not surprisingly, their winters are warmer than our summers.

Can hardly wait to kick back next to the pool with an ice-cold beer and lite up one of my favorite cigars. I'll be bringing a bunch of Oliva and Padron cigars with me, plus I'll be checking out the duty-free store at the airport in São Paulo for any reasonable deals on Cuban Cohibas. You never know...

An interesting little tidbit about traveling to Brazil - the luggage limitations are a bit different. You're allowed to check 2 bags/person, and each bag can weigh 70 lbs. Most domestic flights allow 1 bag/person with a weight restriction of 50 lbs. So you better believe that my lovely wife will be checking 4 bags with a gross weight of 280 lbs. That's not to mention the 2 carry-ons we'll be lugging around with us on the plane. I'd hate to be the driver picking us up! UGH!

Anyway, I'm bringing a laptop with me and it's possible that I might actually turn it on. We'll see, I'm on vacation!

Tchau tchau

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