Monday, June 14, 2010

Alonso Menendez Cigars

Beautiful weather here in Kirkland over the weekend, perfect for just about any outdoor activity, including one of my favorites: smoking cigars. ;)

Friday was the grand opening of the Tobacco Patch's new store in downtown Bellevue. Unfortunately I couldn't make it, but I hear that everything went really well for them. If you're curious, the Tobacco Patch now has two stores in downtown Seattle and two on the Eastside. I've only been to the Pike Place Market and Kirkland stores, but I'm going to try to make it to Bellevue next weekend. We'll see...

Saturday night we went down to the Patch in Kirkland. BTW, did anyone try the free tacos that Qdoba was giving out between 22:00 hrs and 1 AM on Lake St? They weren't bad - not as good as Cactus, which is only about 100 feet away, but for free, heck, they were great!

Anyway, I brought with me a cigar that I purchased in Brazil a week or so ago - Alonso Menendez. Yah, I've never heard of it either, and I've got to tell you that this cigar was almost a carbon copy of the Dona Flor cigar that I smoked the weekend before. Good draw, great burn, a tad strong, maybe the plus side of a medium bodied cigar, not a bad smoke. In fact, I smoked it down about as far as you can go without using a roach clip. :)

However, is it my kind of cigar, or would I go out of my way to buy this again? No... One problem for me is that there are a few brands that I really like to smoke and I like to measure everything up against these brands. Case in point - on Sunday I was down at the marina smoking one of my regular sticks (not an Oliva), and when I lit it up I immediately knew that this was a far superior cigar than the one that I smoked the night before. The taste, the smoothness, the feel, and the look, all were measurably better. I guess it's good to have benchmarks, eh?

My Rating: 8


Portland Cigar Lover said...

I read your post about the Alonso Menendez cigar. The reason it tasted like the Dona Flor cigar is because it is made by Dona Flor. You got one of the older cigars with the old band. Apparently Davidoff thinks it looks a little too similar to the white label cigars so we've slightly changed the band.
I live in Portland, but come up to Washington once a month. Thanks for the post about the new Tobacco Patch. I'll have to stop by and say hi to them.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Thanks for the comments my friend. Maybe I'll see you at the Patch the next time you're in town?

Take care...