Monday, June 28, 2010

CAO La Traviata

Stopped by J&J Cigars in Seattle on Friday for their Grand Opening - bought a few cigars, including the one that I'm reviewing today. You can read more about the grand opening and see a few pictures from the event on the 10-7 Habaneros blog:

So overall I was pretty busy this weekend, but I did have an opportunity to enjoy all three of the cigars that I bought at J&J Cigars.

Here's my selection:

CAO La Traviata
Oliva Serie G Churchill
J Fuego Origen

I started Friday night with the CAO - While I was searching for the perfect cigar inside the humidor at J&J's, a fellow aficionado told me that La Traviata just happened to be his favorite cigar. So on his recommendation I purchased it, and in return I recommended that he try the J Fuego Origens. (Tit-for-tat)
Anyway, Friday night we went downtown Kirkland for coffee and a cigar with the gang. We stopped at Caffe Ladro first, then over to the Tobacco Patch.The Patch is a surprisingly good place to people-watch from - seems like everyone in Kirkland has to pass in front of this store.

So what did I think of the CAO La Traviata?
Meh... It was OK... Maybe a little strong at first, but it smoothed out. Burn and draw were flawless, however the taste didn't work for me. Judging by its oily wrapper I thought I would have loved it too. It's really a good-looking cigar. Who knows, maybe I'll give this one more try, but next time I'll be at home with a glass of my favorite rum. Sometimes a sweet rum makes all the difference with this variety of cigars. We shall see...
My Rating: 7

Now here's an interesting note - On Saturday night I smoked an Oliva Serie G Cameroon Churchill, one of my all time favorite cigars, and on Sunday afternoon down at the marina I smoke a J Fuego Origen cigar. Would you believe that I liked the Origen cigar better? What's wrong with this picture??? I always thought that I was the perfect poster-child for the Oliva cigars too! Boy, how things change, eh?

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