Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July

You know how they say that bad things happen in 3's...

First, my MacBook Pro laptop crapped out; turns on fine, just no display. GRReat...Next, Brazil lost in World Cup play to the Netherlands. Still can't believe that...And lastly, my checking/debit account was compromised. I've had this happen a couple of times before, so I'm somewhat of an expert on the subject, that's why I make it a point to check all my accounts daily. All this happen before I left for work. Great way to start my day...

Anyway, that all happened a week ago Friday, last week I was on vacation. Couldn't have picked a better week - beautiful warm sunny days, temp in the upper 80's, low 90's, plus I smoked some really good cigars.

LFD Cameroon Cabinets - Sno-Casino Friday
Fonseca Cubano Limitado - Tobacco Patch Saturday
4th of July - Party out in Sammamish - no cigars
Nosotros Illusione - friends over for dinner on Monday
Montecristo No.2 - BBQ at friend's house up in Somerset on Tuesday
Casa Fernandez - Wednesday at Marina
Cabaigaun Maduro - Thursday on the deck
Camacho Room 101 - Tobacco Patch Friday
My Father Cedros Deluxe - Tobacco Patch Saturday

Surprisingly I liked them all! The Camacho Room 101, Nosotros Illusione and the Cabaiguan Maduro stood out the most, really great flavor, but overall there wasn't a bad cigar in the bunch. I love when that happens! Would I buy any of these again? Absolutely! ALL of them!

Side note -
One day last week I took my wife to work, I wanted to take her car up to the Infiniti dealer and have the oil in her FX changed. Since I was on vacation, I had plenty of time to mess around with it. So off to the dealer I go. The Infiniti service department takes good care of their customers. I don't mind waiting while they change the oil - the waiting area has all sorts of little goodies to munch on, plus you can have a cappuccino, mocha, espresso, etc. while watching whatever you like on the big screen TV. BTW, the fresh-baked cookies up there are terribly addicting.

Anyway, when I was done at Infiniti, I had to blast over to the Apple store at Bell-Square and pickup my laptop that had been repaired. Turns out that it wasn't a display problem, it was the logic board. Total repair cost $1,227. I looked at the invoice and I asked the gal "is that what I have to pay?" She said that since I purchased the Apple Care Protection plan when I bought the laptop, it was free. FREE! Music to my ears. This is the second issue that I've had with my Mac, so I guess the Apple Care Plan was worth it. I walked out of the Apple store with a smile on my face. Jeez, if I would have had to pay that much money to have my computer fixed I would have blown a gasket. (Mac's are way over rated!)

So after Bell-Square, I needed to drop my wife's car off at her building. My plan was to leave her car in the building garage and then walk home (only 5 miles), this would be my exercise for the day. Anyway, after I parked the car in the garage, I called my lovely wife and we met up for coffee across the street at one of the local coffee shops. We sat outside in a little courtyard area - I think it was near 90º and we're drinking hot coffee. We're nuts, that's a fact. So after coffee I give my wife a kiss and I'm off on my walk, however I just need to make one stop - the Bellevue Tobacco Patch is only about a block away.
As I'm walking up to the Patch, I see an old acquaintance sitting out in front of the store smoking a cigar. I said "hi" and told him that this was my first visit to the new store. He said I'd like it! The Bellevue store is a little bigger than Kirkland, maybe not as big of a selection of cigars, but definitely enough room to match whatever Kirkland has. Everything is well-organized, clean and precisely where it should be. The walk-in humidor takes up most of the store, which in my opinion is its most attractive feature.
So while I was there I found a cigar that I liked, I place the cigar on the counter and paid for it. The gentleman that works there is super nice, so of course I had to talk cigars with him for a bit. Anyway, I say "good-bye" to my friend and start my afternoon walk in this 90º heat back home. I think I made it about 4 blocks past the Bellevue Post Office on Bellevue Way, which is probably a mile away from the Tobacco Patch, when I discovered that I forgot the cigar on the counter. I double-check my pockets and also the laptop case that I'm carrying - nothing. OH NO! So do I walk all the way back or come back later with my car? Oh what-the-heck, let's walk all the way back - nothing like a 6 mile walk in 90º heat. I'm not complaining though, I'll take the heat over our typical cloudy skies anytime!

Looking forward to smoking the cigar that I bought at the Patch - Padron Family Reserve No.45

One other little note - We tried out the new restaurant "Olive You" in downtown Kirkland on Saturday night - EXCELLENT!

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