Monday, July 26, 2010

Oliva Serie G Figurado (Cameroon)

Another beautiful warm sunny weekend in the Pacific Northwest - temperatures in the mid to upper 80's, light breeze out of the north, could not be more picture-postcard perfect. Superb weather for enjoying a fine cigar outdoors!

Anyway, Friday night at the Tobacco Patch there was an Oliva Cigar Event. Since Oliva's are one of my top brands, I made it a point stop by.

We started off at the Thai restaurant just a couple of doors down (best Thai food in town), then headed over to the Patch.

The event was pretty standard as far as discounts go - buy 3 Oliva cigars and get 1 free, and 20% off box purchases of Oliva's. Also, if you bought a box, they throw in an Oliva 6 cigar sampler. So of course I bought a box. I could have bought the same thing online for less, but I like this little shop and the guys that work there treat me very well - that's what it's all about.

So the box that I bought was the Oliva Serie G Figurados (Cameroon), they come 25 to a box. They threw in an Oliva Polo shirt and the 6 cigar sampler box as well.

Anyway, since the boxes were sealed and I didn't feel like opening them up at the store, I decided to buy one more single cigar for the evening. I bought an Oliva Serie V, which I've smoked a few times before, in fact I reviewed this variety back in May of 2009. My opinion has not changed at all. Still one of the best cigars on the market for the price.

Saturday night I opened the box of Figurados - this is another cigar that I've smoked many, many times before and to this day it is still one of my favorites - Medium bodied, exceptionally smooth, perfect draw and billows of smoke - something about the Cameroon wrapper that I really like! If you like a mild cigar that's smooth as hell, this cigar was built for you. You won't be disappointed, that's for sure!
My Rating: 9.5

This was really a nice long weekend for me. Sunday night we went to a good friend's house for what turned out to be a phenomenal dinner, and afterwards we sat out on his deck smoking cigars, drinking Courvoisier and watching the sun set over the Olympic Mountains - spectacular view of Lake Washington and the Olympics from his place.
BTW, I had a Fuentes and a Padron, I'll take the Padron any time over the Fuentes, but both were excellent smokes, especially with the Courvoisier VSOP. ;)

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