Monday, August 2, 2010

Nub Connecticut Torpedo

I think I'm probably the last person to try one of these. Sure, I've seen them before, but I've never really had the urge to buy one. Well, the problem was solved last week - a friend GAVE me one! No kidding! Nice guy...

Anyway, it's kind of an interesting looking cigar, it's only about 4 inches long and it has a massive ring size. Once you cut its Torpedo top, you're down to a little more than 3 inches of smokable cigar. I think that's probably the main reason I haven't bought one yet.

So what did I think? Meh... it was OK - nothing to write home about. The draw was good, however it got a little hot towards the end. Flavor was nothing special, pretty mild cigar overall. Honestly, I don't see what all the hype is. What really made me not care for this cigar was that I smoked a Padron right after it. In my book there's no comparison. Sorry Nub...
Anyway, my Rating: 6

Side note - my lovely wife on Saturday gave two thumbs up to a flavored cigarillo that she tried. It was given to her while we were smoking with the gang down in Kirkland. I don't usually smoke cigarillos, but my sweetie really like it. ;)
Tatiana Mini Vanilla

Seafair is this weekend - the Blue Angels will be in town - fun, fun, fun!

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