Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RoxoЯ Deluxe Maduro

The label (Kryptonite green) may look a little kooky, but this was a surprisingly good cigar! A friend of mine gave it to me, so I'm not sure on the details, but it was Churchill size and a maduro wrapper. Good feel, maybe a little rugged, but definitely a BIG cigar with a large ring size. It had an excellent draw, nice flavor and lasted for frickin ever! After an hour and 10 minutes I had to put it out, but there was easily another 30-40 minutes left. Anyway, it reminds me of the Da Vinci Leonardo cigars that I've smoked on many occasions, same characteristics.Yes, not a bad smoke indeed, and I just betcha that these are pretty reasonably priced?
My Rating: 7.5

Side notes:
Busy weekend for us, but a couple of items to share -

Every now and then we leave our sunny Kirkland to try out new eating establishments in nearby lands. (Restaurants are like cigars, you'll never try them all, but it never hurts to try)
So Saturday night we went to the Buenos Aires Grill (Argentine Restaurant and Tango Bar) in Seattle. I knew it was going to be a good evening, I found street parking on 3rd Avenue. Lucky me! Parking in a parking lot in Seattle is a ripoff, and me being as cheap as I am generally try to find something on the street "IF" I have the time to look for one - If not, screw it, it's going in the lot.
Anyway, this was one of the cooler restaurants that we've been to in a while - has the look and feel of a few places we've been to in Argentina and Uruguay. Kind of a 1920's look. Heck, it could be Paris if you didn't know any better. The food, especially the steaks, are outstanding, but what really put the restaurant over the top for us was the service. Our waitress was the best! She took care of us like we were her folks and she was trying to make a good impression. She succeeded! Everything was perfect. Now, while you're eating and listening to beautiful tango music, you are also entertained by a couple (dressed in white tux/white dress) dancing tango. They glide between the tables like they're floating on air - amazing to watch! If I didn't have two left feet, I'd love to learn how to dance it. Why are you laughing? I'm serious!

OK on to the next one -Our friends from Oregon were passing through Seattle on Sunday and they wanted to get together for brunch with them at Lola's Restaurant, this is one of Tom Douglas's restaurants on 4th Avenue, just a couple blocks from the restaurant we were at the night before. Let me tell you that they have the BEST Eggs Benedict in town - no question about it. And the service was First Class all the way. Kind of nice when you have people from out of town checking out the Seattle scene and everything is perfect. This is my new favorite place for breakfast in town. My only complaint might be the price - it's pretty expensive!

Guess I'm going to have to come to Seattle more often...

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