Monday, September 27, 2010

Montecristo 75th Aniversario

Crazy weather we've been having up here. One day it feels like winter, the next we're back to summer. Saturday we were back to summer, in fact Saturday was spectacularly beautiful with temperatures in the upper 70's and clear blue sky. (blue sky is pretty rare in Seattle)
The only thing I don't like about Fall are the "hornets". Those damn bees drive me nuts! We were at a restaurant in Georgetown on Saturday afternoon eating outside and they wouldn't leave us alone. Hate those little bastards!
Anyway, so last week I mentioned that I bought a Montecristo 75th Aniversario cigar up at the Snoqualmie Casino Lit Lounge - well I decided to smoke it on Friday night down at the Tobacco Patch. I'm not going to say that I loved it, but it wasn't all that bad. Medium bodied, nice draw, full flavored, not a real big fan of Habano wrappers, I'll smoke them, but I generally don't search them out. Overall it was enjoyable. I think I might have enjoyed this more with a glass of rum though.
Next time..

My Rating: 7

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