Monday, September 20, 2010

Will it ever stop raining?

Pouring down rain Friday night, so instead of going down to the Patch, we decided to head up to the Snoqualmie Casino and have a cigar up there at the Lit Lounge. First, a quick stop at the Metropolitan Market in Houghton for a mocha and pastry, then we set off on our journey to Snoqualmie. From Kirkland to the casino it's about 20 to 25 minute drive, not exactly close, but it's a lot closer than the other casinos.

When we arrived we started out on the poker slots up at the bar, they've been good to us before - however, not tonight though. We blasted through our allotted amount of cash in no time at all. So that brings us to the main reason we're here: Cigar time!
We walked into the lounge and saw some familiar faces - Kirklanders. That's one thing that's kind of neat about Kirkland - there are a lot of cigar smokers. Anyway, it wasn't too crowded, so we arranged a few tables together to make one big one, just like in town. I brought along an Oliva Serie V. Pretty reliable smoke. I ordered a glass of Pyrat Pistol rum neat and lit up my cigar.

The staff at the Lit Lounge are pretty cool, they really try to make you feel welcome, kind of like you're at a good friend's house. Anyway, back to the cigar. So I was kind of surprised when I lit up this Oliva and discovered that the draw wasn't all that great. The flavor was fine, but I wasn't getting any smoke. I gave it a little time, but still not what I'm used to. I cut a smidgen more off the top - that helped. Overall I wasn't all that pleased with it because it was too much work. Usually this is a great cigar. Too bad...
My Rating: 7.5

Before we left the Lit Lounge Friday night, I checked out the selection of cigars in the humidor - really nice inventory. So one of the guys that works there shows me a little collection of Montecristos sitting on top of this multi-million dollar humidor, well, I think it's closer to $2,500, but anyway, he told me that if you buy one of these cigars that your name will be entered in a drawing to win it. Now I'm not the biggest fan of Montecristos, but heck, I want to win that humidor!!! So of course I bought one. I'll keep you posted on when they call me to come and pick it up. :)
You may have noticed in some of the photos that I've taken that I like to use a Cuban Crafters cigar cutter. Well, a few weeks ago I accidentally pulled it apart. I don't think you're supposed to be able to do that, but somehow I did. Anyway, this inexpensive cutter is supposedly guaranteed for life, so last Saturday I mailed it off to Cuban Crafters in Miami. I thought it would take a couple weeks to get it back, but low and behold on Thursday a brand-spanking-new cutter arrived at my house. Amazing! I'm not plugging Cuban Crafters, but heck, that's good service. I must admit that the Post Office does a pretty good job too. It cost me $1.56 to send it from Seattle to Miami. (You may not know this little fact about the post office, but FedEx is the company that moves their packages)

One more Oliva to report - this was a maduro box press pyramid Serie G, just a little short guy. I smoked this on Saturday night, yes it was raining, but my new little setup on the lower deck at my house is working out really good. Nice comfortable chairs, music, TV, fireplace if I want, and I'm staying dry. Sweet!
Anyway, this was the BEST damn cigar I've smoked in ages - medium to full bodied, tons of creamy smoke, very, very smooth. I could have smoked this all day, but unfortunately it was one of the shorter varieties. I would have lit up another cigar, but the rain was starting to piss me off. Heck, when does it not!
My Rating: 9.5

Side Note:
A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we went to dinner over at John Howie Steakhouse at the Bravern, and I also said that it wasn't worth the money. Well, it looks like they're going to get a second try. You see when they brought me the bill that night, there was also one of those card that you fill out with your birthday, anniversary, etc., but on the back of that information card was room for comments. So I put my email address on the front and on the back I put the comment "TOO SALTY", that's it, just that. Well, from that little comment I received an email from the manager of the restaurant, which I replied to, and then a written apology mailed to my house, plus a $100 gift certificate asking me to give them another try. Damage control, big time! So I guess we're going back for a second try. My problem is that I hate to complain while I'm at a restaurant - sending food back to the chef is one of the biggest insults you can give. Heck, I have a hard time telling the Barista that my mocha isn't hot enough. Oh well, I'll keep you posted on the outcome... Stay tuned.


Chris said...

I love going to the Snoqualmie Casino. Only downfall is the drive. I'm in Mill Creek and it takes awhile to get there. My girlfriend just got a teaching job in Snoqualmie too. I don't mind hitching a ride with her when she has to go into work on the weekend to grade papers. Plus it gets pretty busy in the lounge too. I try to go early so I can get a spot. I hate having to wait for a spot especially when you traveled so far for a smoke in an actual cigar bar. Nonetheless, I love it there.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Oh yeah, I've been there many times when it's standing-room only and the air is so thick with smoke you can barely breath, but heck, it sure beats standing out in the rain.