Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Exclusive Cigars - Kristoff Ligero Criollo/Maduro

Kristoff Ligero Criollo -

Actually, this wasn't a bad cigar, but the flavor didn't really kick-in for me until around the midway point. After that, I thought it was very good. Come to think of it, when I first lit this up I thought there might be a hole in the wrapper, the draw seemed a little airy for a Ligero. Anyway, everything improved considerably right around the halfway point. Thank goodness too, because this was my Friday night cigar, this is the one that I count on, the one that I wait all week for, and if I only have one cigar all week to smoke, this better be a gift from God, so to speak. Nah, I'm not that tough, but I'm like you and the last thing I want to do is throw money away on crappy cigars.
My Rating: 7.5

Kristoff Ligero Maduro

Sunday afternoon, I wasn't doing anything special, just upgrading an old computer that's sitting out in my garage. My lovely wife had left to go shopping at the Mall, so I had a few hours to myself. Cigar time? Yah baby! I flipped on the Seahawk game (I've got a TV in garage) grabbed something to drink and pulled this Kristoff Maduro out of my humidor. God, what a perfect afternoon for a cigar too - rainy, windy and cold.
OK, so I'll tell you right up front that this Ligero Maduro was not my type of cigar, I smoked it, but it really didn't suit me. (Sorry Glen)
The flavor was a bit harsh and the draw didn't give me the billows of smoke that I long for. I knew this wasn't my type of cigar when I started getting a buzz. Yeah, I think this cigar was made for the more "seasoned" cigar smoker. Me, I'm too much of a weenie! I did smoke the whole thing, but I really had to pace myself.
My Rating: 7

Thanks again Ed and Glenn for the cigars! 

Side note:
During my lunch hour I like to get out and take a walk from my office down to Boeing Field and back, occasionally I'll take my camera with the 200mm lens along; couple of places that I like to shoot from. Anyway, the other day when I was on my way back from Boeing Field and had my camera strapped across my shoulder, I caught this car out of the side of my eye driving the wrong way down the one way street that I was walking on. I thought to myself "boy, that's weird". The car pulls over right next to me and this young guy gets out and motions me to come over. Huhn? I noticed that he's wearing a coat that says "Seattle Police" and his name tag indicates that he's a detective. WTF? So this guy says to me that someone had reported a suspicious character taking pictures at one of the overpasses and by the airport. "You have got to be kidding me??!!" He continued with his 20 questions or so until he was satisfied that I wasn't a threat to National Security. What a frickin joke! The weird part is that this is Georgetown, definitely not the kind of people to even associate with law enforcement let alone call them. Anyway, it kind of ruined my day, but it definitely won't change my routine - you can still find me taking shots in Georgetown. Screw-em!


Chris said...

My dad and I both got a Kristoff from the Smoke Easy. My dad smoked his but didn't finish it. He said the draw was way too tight and wasn't enjoying the flavor. Kind of a shame because it looks like a nice cigar. I've yet to smoke mine but I will let mine sit in the humidor for a little bit longer before I smoke mine and hope I don't get the same results as my dad's.

I have so many other cigars from the Smoke Easy I want to smoke too. I just need the free time to get away from the girlfriend so I don't have to hear her complain about the smell. Fortunately for me, her bridal shower is in 2 weeks, so I'm going to hit up Lit later in the afternoon or early evening and smoke a couple.

As for that cop stopping you, at least its good to know that there are people out there keeping their eyes open just in case there was someone doing some sort of harm. Which obviously you weren't, but still. My parents neighbors called the police one time because they saw some people they've never seen before and found out they were just moving into the house. The new neighbors didn't mind it because they felt safer knowing at least others around them are keeping watch on their area. It can just be a bit annoying when you get bugged by the police knowing you did nothing wrong. Then again, it makes for a good story.

Sorry for the long reply.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Wow - you're getting married? Congrats! When's the Big Day?

BTW, if you ever want to write a review on any of those cigars in your humidor, I'll be happy to publish it here!

Always nice to read your comments Chris - Many thanks!

Chris said...

Thanks. Getting married Dec. 11. Going on a cruise for the honeymoon and I found out that the boat as a cigar lounge, haha. So I'll totally be hitting that up.

As for the reviews, I'll let you do them, haha. I'm not the best at picking things apart unless I read about them and look for the said characteristics in whatever it is, beer, cigar, food, etc. I'm still learning about cigars and everything else around it.

Kirkland Cigar Club said...

Last cruise we went on the boat (NCL Pearl)had a pretty nice cigar lounge, met a lot of really interesting cigar smokers - lounge was full every night. Very cool!

You should give your writing skills a try sometime - for me it's not necessarily the cigar that matters, it's the journey that lead up to it.

Congrats again my friend!