Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glen Case at the Lit Lounge Friday Night 8 PM

A little note that I received from my friend Ed Ryan, he's an independent cigar rep and Certified Tobacconist that works with a variety of boutique cigar brands including Berger & Argenti, Kristoff, Savinelli, El Primer Mundo, La Palina, Flatbed, etc...

Anyway, he said:

"I wanted to extend an invitation to you guys to come over to Lit Friday night to meet Glen Case from Exclusive Cigars. Glen is the mastermind behind the Kristoff / Vengeance / Brittania cigars. This will be his first time out here in the Northwest. This isn't an official Lit event, but we'll be there and I thought maybe you could help me spread the word and make him feel welcome."

Sounds like a good time and a great opportunity to schmooze with Glen - I'm not going to miss it!

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